Your New Dream Luxury Home Is Here And It Floats

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posted on Aug. 04, 2016

If you are looking for a new luxury home, you might want to look into properties in the middle of the Indian Ocean. These floating villas are amazing.

As the summer is slowly progressing to its end you may have realized that you’re sick and tired of your expensive mansions all around the world. As luxurious as they might be and as huge as their infinity pools might be they just have nothing new to offer.

The world of luxury is moving towards the seas and although getting an expensive home by the beach is always a great idea, all the best luxury resorts are now offering rooms and bungalows that are literally on the water.  If you’re interested in spending a few days on a paradise that floats be sure to check out this article, but if you’ve already stayed in an over-water bungalow and know that it’s the best thing ever and are now looking to purchase property on the water to which you can return whenever you feel like it, luckily a few companies are ahead of you and they’ve already built magical luxury homes that float.

So take a journey with us in the over-water luxury homes available and pick your next luxury home from the list below.

#1 The Ocean Flower

The Ocean Flower located in the Maldives is a pioneering development that you should definitely consider purchasing property in as it’s expected to become one of the most popular vacation spots of the Maldives.

The project falls under the umbrella of the master project ‘The 5 Lagoons’ and it’s the result of a collaboration of Dutch Docklands and the government of the Maldives. It takes its name from a typical Maldivian flower and it’s even shaped like one.

The first phase of the project has been completed and the 185 villas, each with a private pool, are now for sale. The properties are located a short 20 minute boat ride off Male, the capital of the Maldives, where the airport is also located. The Ocean Flower also offers an array of luxury amenities that one can only usually find in luxurious resorts, for example there’s a spa, a diving centre, gourmet restaurants, shops and bars and of course a pristine beach on a private island.

The Ocean Flower offers three types of villas, each with varying degrees of luxury. For example, the Elite Maldivian is a 2 bedroom villa with 163 square meters open-floor plan space. This villa has two spacious ensuite bedrooms, while the kitchen is designed in traditional Maldivian architectural style and minimalistic décor. The villa which has its very own pool also offers unhindered views of the ocean. It’s available for $1.4 million.

The second type of villa available is the Royal Maldivian which is a three bedroom villa with unobstructed views of the ocean. This villa even has its master bathroom raised from the ground floor so that you can enjoy the view while taking a bubble bath. The rooftop terrace comes with a unique roll-away slide bed which has been put there so that you can gaze at the starry sky at night. This type of villa also offers an underwater room which allows you to enjoy the underwater life. It’s available for $2 million.

The third type of villa available is the Imperial Maldivian which offers close to 500 square meters of space and has four bedrooms. The master bedroom is located on the rooftop and it has its own sundeck and terrace, while the master bed is designed in such a way that it can be rolled outside should you wish to spend the night outdoors. Apart from the underwater room that this type of villa also offers, there’s also a gym and an in-house cinema room. This villa comes at $3.8 million.

#2 Amilarah

And if having 184 neighbours in such close proximity isn’t your thing you’ll be happy to know that the Dutch Docklands in collaboration with the government of the Maldives offer another solution to those who are looking to make their luxury vacations into a luxury home.

Another project that falls under the umbrella of the master plan ‘The 5 Lagoons’ is the Amilarah. This project has not been completed yet so we won’t be able to give you prices for it but it’s expected to be so luxurious that it will put all the other luxury homes to shame.

The Amilarah consists of 10 unique floating private islands situates in one of the most beautiful lagoons of the Maldives. Each island is situated in the middle of a big private water plot to ensure privacy, while coral reefs are just a short swim away from your private beach.

Apart from offering a private beach, the Amilarah also offers a private pool and natural green with bushed and trees. There’s also a private jetty and a pavilion for your yacht and you’ll be happy to know that the Amilarah is situated just a short 25 minute boat ride from Male, the capital of the Maldives.

#3 Seascape

The Seascape is a project from company BMT Asia Specific and it addresses individuals who want to make a luxury home on the water, as well as business and resorts who want to expand on water.

The triangular shape of each villa is unique and easy to carry, while the shape has been selected as it allows for easy attachment of units. The SeaScape villas are designed to be impervious to stormy weather, though they are not intended to be anchored in exposed ocean areas. In fact, the SeaScape villas are designed to provide lodgings in areas where it’s advisable not to build on land (for example in areas protected by law, or areas that are natural reserves) and they are supposed to be to close proximity to the land.

The SeaScape villas will provide you with a luxurious lifestyle while they’ll also allow you to make the most of the sun and the water. Above the water line, each villa features an expansive 40-foot deck which opens to sea and sky on all floors of the triangular floor plan.

What’s truly unique about the SeaScape villas though is that their master bedrooms are submerged to create an aquarium effect. A see-through cylindrical sleeping chamber sinks 3 meters into the deep and it provides a 360 degree view of the underwater world.

#4 Seahorse Villas

The seahorse villas are the first kind of partially submerged villas as they have one floor completely submerged underwater. The seahorse version that is located in Dubai’s World Island’s project features a villa that has a total space of over 4000 square feet. The master bedroom is underwater, while on the sea level, there’s a living room, a dining room and the kitchen. On the upper deck there’s a pantry and a glass bottom Jacuzzi.

The Tzar Edition of the Seahorse Villas are located in the luxurious St. Petersburg island and are shaped like a heart while they’ve been inspired by the Maldives.  

So which of these floating luxury homes would you choose? Which property would you purchase in order to make the most of the luxury lifestyle you want to lead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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