Where Do the Richest People in America Go on Holidays?

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posted on Jul. 15, 2016

Did you think that all of the richest people in America only take their luxury vacations on their private islands ?Well they take holidays in the USA too.

It’s no secret that the rich people of the world go for their luxury vacations outside their countries. I mean when you have your own island there’s really no question as to where to go for some ‘you’ time, and even if you don’t own your own island, there are lots options to rent a private island. However, that does not mean that the richest people in America won’t go on holidays unless they can go to their private islands, they often opt to stay in the country and spend some quality time with family and friends here.

And if you thought that America was short of luxury vacation spots, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the United States offer ample luxury accommodation options for any billionaire or millionaire who wants to take a break away from the stresses of being a success entrepreneur, or celebrity.

If you’re wondering where these spots you don’t look to look any further than the list below. The richest people in America, including Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and Jay Z all go to these places so pack your bags and enjoy some of the best luxury vation spots in the country.

#1 West Palm Beach, FL


West Palm Beach is famous for its white, sandy beaches, its summer atmosphere and its expensive restaurants. Mark Zuckerberg, Tiger Woods and Donald Trump all like to stop here every now and then and really, there’s no better place to enjoy the Florida summer atmosphere than here.

Where to Eat: Café Boulud


Café Boulud is famous for being the best restaurant White Palm Beach has to offer. Located at the historic Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club, the Café Boulud prides itself for having one of the most diverse wine cellars in Florida. 

The brunch menu at Café Boulud is the stuff of legend and it will definitely convince you to keep coming back to West Palm Beach.

Where to Stay: The Breakers Palm Beach


This resort is situated on a half-mile of private beach. It offers luxury accommodation beyond imagination. Its beautiful gardens and grounds are bound to steal your heart, while the resort offers as many as 4 oceanfront pools and 5 hot tubs. There are several tennis courts, 9 restaurants and poolside bungalows which you can rent.

A suite with an oceanfront will cost up to $750 a night, but it will be money well-spent.

#2 Aspen, CO


Aspen is considered as the most expensive place in the United States to buy real estate, so you might not want to buy a house there just yet. The city is surrounded by stunning nature; there are rivers, valleys and mountains. There are plenty of activites in which you can partake when in Aspen, namely ski and anything else snow related, but you could also watch some quality rugby as the local rugby team, the Gentlemen of Aspen have won plenty of rugby leagues throughout the years.

Where to Eat: The White House Tavern


If you’re looking for a great place to eat while in Aspen you needn’t look further than the White House Tavern. This restaurant offers a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and snacks as well as great cocktails. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone who’s looking for the true Aspen experience.

Where to Stay: Limelight Hotel

The Limelight is one of the most beautiful hotels in Aspen. It’s located right across from Wagner Park it’s very close to the Aspen Art Museum. It’s also very close to some excellent ski slopes which makes it a favourite for people travelling to Aspen.

A deluxe room with a fireplace can cost up to $440 a night, but considering that you’re right in the heart of Aspen, it will be money well spent.

#3 The Hamptons

Amongst the myriads of celebrities who like to summer in the Hamptons are Jay Z and Paul McCartney. The Hamptons feature some of the most lucrative residential properties in the United States and it’s been traditionally considered as one of the most luxury vacation hotspots for the rich people in America.

Where to Eat: The North Fork Table

In order to get into this fancy Hamptons restaurant you need to make a reseervaation in advance and even if you manage to get a table, make sure that you're available at all times during the last couple of days leading to your visit there as if they're unable to find you for confirmation, they'll cancel your reservation.

The North Fork Table has exclusive clientele as its food is exceptionally good. The menu is seasonally inspired and the restaurant only uses local, organic produce, fresh seafood and locally made artisanal cheese.

Where to Stay: The East Hampton Art House Bed & Breakfast

This beautiful boutique hotel only has four rooms which means that availability is quite limited, but the amenities this hotel offers are so incredible that they justify it’s rather hefty price. A room can cost up to $1500 during the High Season, but for that price you get an unlimited access to the hotel’s private gardens, pool, waterfall and gym.

#4 Nantucket, MA

This tiny island that is just 30 miles off Cape Cod is where many rich people go for their luxury vacations. Often considered a summer colony, buying real estate in Nantucket is just as expensive as buying real estate in the Hamptons and that’s because it usually welcomes the richest people in America. 

Where to Eat: Dune

Dune’s menu is inspired by the seasons, and they too offer local, organic produce, fish and meat. They also offer an extensive selection of handcraft cocktails, while their three distinct dining rooms are 'a blend of sophisticated elegance and soothing comfort’.

Where to Stay: The White Elephant

The White Elephant is one of the most iconic buildings on Nantucket and its charm and elegance will make you fall in love with the place right from the first sight. The richest people in America all love visiting this hotel as it offers one of the most serene Spas in the country. A night at one of the hotel’s cottages overlooking the garden can cost up to $1000.

#5 Napa Valley, CA


The richest people in America are wine lovers and nowhere will your wine needs be catered better than in Napa Valley. Napa Valley can easily be put next to France and Tuscany and come out the winner because it offers some of the best quality grapes in the world.

Where to Eat: The French Laundry

The French Laundry’s chef, Thomas Keller, is one of the very few chefs in America to have two three-starred Michellin restaurants. The French Laundry is dedicated to making quality French food and while the menu changes daily, the restaurant remains committed to offer impeccable customer service. The restaurant prides itself for never repeating the same ingredient twice on its menu.

Where to Stay: Auberge Du Soleil

This hotel offers unparalleled luxury accommodation and although a night here can cost up to $5,000 the stunning vistas and the services the hotel offer will make you want to stay there for the rest of your life. This luxury resort does not only have one of the largest spas in the country, but it also has tennis courts, pools and restaurants.

What do you think of the luxury vacations the richest people in America take? Have you ever visited any of these places? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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