Where Do the Rich People of the World Go On Their Luxury Vacations?

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posted on Jul. 09, 2016

When you’re one of the rich people of this world the world is your oyster.But where do you on for a luxury vacation? These are the top 3  destinations .

As it’s often the case when you’re one of the rich people of the world, your options for luxury vacations are truly endless. Whether it’s a fancy resort in the Caribbean, or an adventure packed vacation is Asia, you really needn’t worry because wherever you choose to go fun and luxury will follow.

But if you are interested in finding the top destinations you’ve come to the right place. The 3 destinations presented below are the top picks for luxury vacations amongst the rich people of the world.

#1 St. Bart’s

Often referred to as ‘the playground of the rich and famous’, St. Bart’s is a top destination for anyone looking for a luxury vacation. Most rich people of the world opt for St. Bart’s as it’s a uniquely exotic Caribbean island. Encircled by shallow reefs, this tiny island is volcanic, while it barely has 9000 permanent residents.

St Bart’s is the only Caribbean island that was colonized by the Swedish for a lengthy period of time, although the island is primarily French. The language and the cuisine are also French, so going there is like going back in time.

The high standard of living and the yearlong sunshine make this tiny island an ideal luxury vacation spot. The rich people of the world opt for this island especially during the winter months and Christmas as during that time the island goes through its dry period.

St. Bart’s is known for its exceptional beaches, its gourmet dining and its high-end designers. And although its hotels are very small with barely enough rooms to accommodate its tourist, it remains one of the top choices for the rich. In fact, the rich people of the world love this island so much that many do not hesitate to pay up to €62,000,000 for a beachfront villa.

If you haven’t bought a villa yet though don’t worry because there are plenty of other truly luxurious places you can stay when on the island.

First and foremost is the Eden Rock Hotel. This hotel is one of the best places to stay on the island and it’s bound to be unforgettable. It has lots of different types of accommodation, from cottages to rooms and luckily they all have terraces over the sandy beach and the Caribbean.

Another fabulous hotel you can opt for is the Christopher St Barth hotel. According to TripAdvisor, this is the second best hotel (the first is Eden Rock) to stay on the island. This hotel is known for its spectacular views and its extremely friendly staff.

Among the celebrities who love St Bart’s are Alessandra Ambrosio, Beyonce and Jay Z and Gwen Stefani.

#2 Monaco


Monaco is actually the second smallest country (right after Vatican City) and the second most densely populated country in the world. 30 percent of its population is actually made up of millionaires and it is in fact the country with the highest number of billionaires and millionaires in the world.

This tiny French Riviera nation prides itself as the most expensive real estate country in the world. On average, a house can cost up to $5,000 a square foot and although Monaco has been independent for hundreds of years, at the moment, the native Monegasque are a minority in the country.


The country is famous amongst the rich people of the world for two reasons: the Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Casino.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most iconic Formula 1 races in the world. Drivers take the cars through Monaco’s tight corners, narrow streets and the city’s famous tunnel. Myriads of tourists come to the city to watch the Grand Prix and attend the famous yacht parties so it’s always a good time of the year to visit the city.

On the other hand the Monte Carlo casino is open throughout the year which makes Monaco a year-long attraction. Amongst its famous guests, the Monte Carlo Casino has hosted James Bond on multiple occasions. What’s also noteworthy is that the native Monegasque are not allowed to enter the casino.

Amongst the plentiful exclusive activities that you can do in Monaco are also a daytrip to the medieval fortified village of Eze where you can get a first-hand experience of the Cote d’Azur. Also, if you’d love to see where the late Princess Grace Kelly used to take her afternoon strolls make sure that you visit the Principality’s Gardens. You can also take an exclusive tour of Antibes and there are also plenty of luxury night clubs you can visit.

Amongst the celebrities who love visiting Monaco are Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jener, Cristiano Ronaldo and Cara Delavigne. And if you’re looking for a hotel to stay in then you should know that pretty much all of Monaco’s hotels are luxurious.

But, the Hotel De Paris and the Hotel Hermitage pride themselves in being amongst the most classic luxury hotels. 

#3 Croatia: Hvar and Vis

These two islands in Croatia are two of the top destinations of the rich people of the world. Although they remain relatively unknown to many, many billionaires, Bill Gates for example, have discovered these hidden gems of the Mediterranean sea.



Hvar, just like Vis that is next to it, is located off the Dalmatian coast. And although it’s not as cosmopolitan as Monaco, this island must be the last bit of heaven on earth. As it’s located in the Mediterranean it’s famous for its typical Mediterranean flora. It’s covered in pine forests and vineyards and there are numerous fruit orchards and lavender fields.


Amongst the many things you can do on the island (like go for a swim in the Mediterranean) you can also do some crazy water sports or go on boat tours. There’s also some seriously crazy partying that usually goes on on this island so make sure that you bring your dance shoes with you.

There are many luxurious hotels you can stay when in Hvar. For example, the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel offers excellent vistas over the marina, while it’s also a luxury spa oasis. It’s definitely the place you want to stay in when visiting Hvar.


Hvar prides itself as the sunniest sport in Europe as it claims to have over 2715 hours of sunlight in an average year.


Just like in Hvar, there are plenty of things you can do on Vis. Amongst other things, Vis is famous for its beautiful beaches and there are enough beautiful beaches on the island to keep you busy even if you decide to stay for a month.


There are also many activities in which you can partake. For example, you can rent a boat and go into the open for diving. There are a few wrecks around Vis so exploring the bottom of the sea around Vis will definitely be an unforgettable experience. However, the one thing you should definitely do when in Vis is to take out a boat and visit the caves. The Blue cave on Bisevo Island is a truly unique experience as at noon the sun reflects on the water and turns the cave walls blue. There’s also the Green Cave that’s worth a visit but even if these adventurous types of things are not your cup of tea, there’s another activity that you can partake which I’m sure you’ll find thoroughly enjoyable.

Vis is famous for its wine as 20 percent of the island is covered in vineyards. The indigenous grape here is the viogner and there are plenty of wine bars you can enjoy quality expensive wine.


If you’re looking for a luxury hotel to stay in then you need to look no further than Hotel San Giorgio. The hotel offers an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy your days there.


What all these luxury vacation spots have in moment is that they’re a perfect fit for anyone who’s looking for a spot where they can interact with the rich people of the world.

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