Where Do the Rich Kids of the World Go to School?

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posted on Jul. 18, 2016

The rich kids of the world all go to super exclusive schools where they are basically taught everything that matters.These are the most exclusive schools.

If you are an American millionaire you want your rich kids to go to all-important schools where they’ll learn all-important things and meet other all-important people. And although not everyone wants to be parted from their kids, in order to offer them the best opportunities for the future, sometimes you just need to send them to an exclusive school that might require them to stay there as well.

Parting a kid from their family (even a rich kid) is never pleasant, but an exclusive school is a unique opportunity for kids to prep for Ivy League universities and make the most of their childhood by learning everything that matters in order to ensure their chances of success in the future.

The exclusive schools listed below are some of the most expensive schools in the world, and not only do they offer top quality education but they are also located in campuses that look more like Luxurious hotel resorts rather than a school.

#10 Charterhouse

This exclusive school is located in Godalming, Surrey, UK and it’s one of the most exclusive schools for rich kids. Tuition comes up to $47,000 a year and among its famous alumni are politician Jeremy Hunt, singer Peter Gabriel and TV presenter Jonathan Dimbleby.

Charterhouse has been one of the most exclusive schools in the world for over 400 years now. It was founded in 1611 and in 1872 the school moved to its current location in Surrey.

The school is focused on academic excellence, but it does however keep up with the more progressive educational methods of the 21st century. The school strives to push its students beyond what is demanded by the syllabus and according to the school the university destinations of its alumni reflect the school’s excellence.

There are 12 houses in Charterhouse which are distinguished by the colour of the tie and umbrella of the pupils. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the wide array of extra-curricular clubs offered, while the school has a thriving art scene with more than 7 major productions taking place each year.

#9 Tonbridge

Tonbridge remains one of the few exclusive schools for rich kids that only allows boys to enrol and although this method is rather archaic, Tonbridge is considered one of the best schools in the UK. Founded in 1533, the school is located in Tonbridge, Kent and it’s spread across a huge, well-equipped campus. There are about 800 pupils in the school, aged between 13 and 18 and what makes this school so unique is that it’s a boarding school and a day school together.

Some of the boys attending Tonbridge live there, while some boys simply come during the day to attend their classes. The school can cost up to $48,500 a year for those pupils who wish to attend the boarding school and this school also has a house-system which Headmaster Tim Haynes says ‘fosters a strong sense of belonging’.

Tonbridge encourages its boys to be creative and to do sports. The school’s playing fields are some of the best in the country and they were in fact used as training grounds for the 2012 London Olympics.

#8 Brillantmont

Brillantmont is one of the last few remaining exclusive schools that are family-run in the world. Located in Lausanne, in French speaking Switzerland, the school has spectacular vistas of Lake Geneva.

The school offers programs taught in English which allows rich kids from all over the world to attend the school. Its current pupils come from over 40 different nationalities and Brillantmont is an exclusive school that embraces cultural diversity.

Tuition fees for this exclusive school can come up to $68,000 a year and the school focuses on the all-rounded development of the individual, which means that they don’t only offer a wide array of sports and art classes, but they also offer extra-curricular activities that put students right in the thick of it. These activities include sending students to Singapore and the Hague in order to debate against other schools, as well as send a group of students abroad to help build homes for families in difficulty.

The school offers single-occupancy rooms as well as shared rooms for those attending the boarding school. It also offers the option of a day school or a five-day boarding school for those families that live close.

#7 The American School in Switzerland

Founded in 1956, the American School in Switzerland is located in Montagnola, a village south of Lugano in Ticino, Switzerland. The school overlooks Lake Lugano and not only is the view spectacular, but the main campus is located in a 17th century villa that again looks more like a luxurious hotel resort than a school. 

The school costs $69,000 a year and there are approximately 700 pupils enrolled in the school, 270 of which are boarding pupils. The school offers the option of a day school as well, and although it has programs for pupils of elementary, middle and high school, the boarding option is only available to rich kids of middle and high school.

The course content is oriented towards the classicism liberal arts tradition and this exclusive school offers a wide array of competitive sports, including swimming, tennis and lacrosse. Travel is also an integral part of the curriculum.

#6 Leysin American School

The Leysin American School in Switzerland claims to be a school with family values. It was founded in 1961 ad it’s located in the resort village of Leysin, Vaud in Switzerland in the Swiss Alps. The school is two hours away from Geneva and it’s home to students from over 60 countries, while programs are taught in English.

This exclusive school which has buildings that look more like a luxurious hotel resort rather than a school focuses on university preparation for students in grades between 8 and 12. American millionaires can rest easy as this school offers the option for its students to pursue a U.S diploma. Tuition fees for the Leysin American School come up to $70,000.

The rich kids of this school are encouraged to take educational trips around the globe, while the schools proximity to important landmarks in Europe makes European trips a frequent visit. Students enrolled here will definitely get to visit Romania, Croatia and Italy, amongst others.

#5 College du Leman

College du Leman is located in Switzerland, between the Jura Mountains and the Lac Leman. It’s one of the largest schools on this list as this exclusive school has close to 2000 students. It hosts rich kids from over 100 nationalities and one of the primary focuses of the school is to teach its pupils to respect cultural diversity.

College du Leman welcomes pupils  of all ages as it offers programs for kids from pre-school to 12 grade. The school was founded in 1960 and it has a tradition of giving some of the best education available across the world.

Fees cost more than $76,00 a year, but the school is orientated towards the individual and it claims to help pupils prepare for their own future. It helps pupils discover their skills and it focuses on critical thinking, while it’s also committed to a truly bilingual curriculum.

#4 Beau Soleil, College Alpin International

Founded in 1910, Beau Soleil, College Alpin International is located 1,350m above sea leavel on the Swiss Alps of Villars-sur-Ollon. The school hosts around 240 students of 60 different nationalities, aged between 11-18. Fees cost more than $82,800 a year.

This exclusive school is famous for its academic excellence as much as its extra-curricular activities which include climbing trips to Kilimanjaro, Africa and trips to various countries, including New Zealand, Morocco, Ghana, India, Tanzania, Uruguay, Japan, Chile and Madagascar. The school also owns many orphanages in countries including Madagascar, Tanzania and Uruguay and the school makes a point of visiting these orphanages. 

#3 Aiglon

Founded in 1949, Aiglon is broadly modelled on British boarding school lines. It’s a non-profit school whose guiding principles are ‘centred on the balanced development of mind, body and spirit through the pathways of challenge, respect, responsibility and diversity’.

This exclusive school offers programs for pupils in years 5 to 13 and the curriculum is mostly taught in English, except languages and literature. Fees cost more than $89,000 a year.

Located at 1,250m above sea level on the Alpine village of Chasiers, this school for rich kids is located near the ski resort of Villars in the canton of Vaud. It also emphasises mountain expeditions, including activities such as hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, rock-climbing and ski-mountaineering.

#2 Instituit auf dem Rosenberg

Instituit auf dem Rosenberg is considered to be one of the oldest schools in the country. It was founded in 1889 and it’s located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Most of the rich kids that attend Institutuit auf dem Rosenberg come from entrepreneurial family backgrounds and are sent there in order to be able to continue their family’s tradition. Pupils come from over 40 countries and according to the school’s data over 80 percent of its students are bilingual, while a whopping 60 percent are fluent in 3 languages.  The expensive school is very exclusive as there are only 260 pupils attending it and it offers programs for ages between six and eighteen. The pupils are taught in small classes of about 8 pupils and this enables the academic staff to offer their undivided attention to each student individually. Of course the attention in study and career planning that each pupil is offered does not come cheap, as fees at this expensive school that also looks like a luxurious hotel resort, come up to $96,500 a year.

#1 Le Rosey

Le Rosey is the most exclusive school in the world. It’s a school fit for kings, amongst its myriads of notable alumni are King Albert II of Belgium and Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Founded in 1880, it was originally intended as an all-boys school, but it opened a girls’ campus in 1967 as well. This exclusive school for rich kids has two campuses. The winter is spend in the chalets, in the charming ski-resort of Gstaad, while the summer is spend in a manorial estate in Rolle. Fees come up to $107,000 a year.

Teaching is available in two languages and the students can benefit from a staff to students ration of 1:5. Le Rosey offers an education program which aims to develop pupils’ talents by offering a bilingual and bicultural education.

Did you attend any of these schools? Let us know your school memories in the comment section below.

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