Where Do The Rich and Famous Fly? Top 10 Vacation Spots

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posted on Apr. 11, 2016

It’s no secret: all celebs are travel addicts. They are constantly traveling from one city to the next for work, vacation, family or for any other reason they can think of. But hey, don’t blame them! Wouldn’t you travel around the world if you had your very own private jet, unlimited amount of money and famous friends? I know I certainly would!

So, have you ever wondered where most celebrities like to travel the most? Well, you are in luck because Stratos Jets used its social media stalking skills to figure out where all the hot Hollywood celebs like to travel on the reg.

Just take a look at the pictures below and find out all the places the rich and famous travel to so you can do some celeb stalking on your next getaway.

Los Angeles tops the list

New York came second

Miami is popular for its sunny beaches

London is also one of the most popular destinations...

...and it's followed by Paris

Monaco is next...

...and then Dubai

St Barts is another popular spot...

...followed by Las Vegas

...and finally, Amsterdam

what do you think?


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