What Happened At Fashion Week Tokyo

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posted on Jun. 13, 2016
by Rick Fo

So Tokyo has become a pretty good example of crazy, insane and even slightly disturbing fashion. But once in a while, the crazy subsides and Tokyo gets lit.

Faux Fur Fauxever

Yellow fur might seem old school but this woman’s all cool

More Yellow+Purple

It’s always better with a little post-apocalyptic cyber punk.


Under most circumstances Fedora should be left to the 30s ganstas and the back of ex-frat closets.


Something 80s is going on…something a little 90s….I’m not sure if I like it or not

A Little Retro Zuit

Looks a little like a Zuit Suit, but its all cool.

Looks Like Fashion

I guess if it looks like fashion and it smells like fashion…it must be fashion right…yes even the pink beanie.

Super Flared Pants

I don’t know about this look it looks like a 80s mariachi musician….fashion forward or fashion faux pa?


what do you think?


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