Weird Ways People Have Had Orgasms

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posted on Jun. 19, 2016
by Rick Fo

Who doesn’t like having orgasms, but the thing is that they have their time and their place…you wouldn’t want to be stuck on the subway oooohing and aaahing…oh you would?


The hilariously named Dr. Herbert Otto (as in auto stimulation amarite? No I’m not actually) has found that 29% of women participating in a sexuality study reported having orgasms as a result of nipple stimulation…and another study found that stimulating the nipples lit up the same part of the brain as when the clitoris was stimulated.

Just Breathing

There is a syndrome called PSAS (persistent sexual arousal syndrome) that can experience up to 200 orgasms a day…pretty cool right? Wrong. It can make the life of the people that suffer from the syndrome a complete and utter hell.


So you wouldn’t think something that comes because of boredom to be so exciting. But there have been people that have reached orgasm because of a yawn…ok to be fair it’s actually a side effect of anti-depressant drug Clomipramine.


Some people can actually use their mind to experience orgasm, after all they do say the mind is the most powerful erogenous zone of the body. But through a combination of flexing the pelvic floor and using the mind. In this stupidly hilarious video a hippie dippy yoga dude in white pajamas get this woman to the peak by waving his hand over her region….yeah…


Apparently a study asked women that did a variety of exercises and found that the majority of the study’s participants (which were primarily female) could spontaneously induce orgasm while doing core exercises, or have a coregasm…and of the participants 44% reported on having 11 or more orgasms during a single exercise session. The scientist speculated that this was a result of increased blood-flow to the vaginal region and pressure on the clitoris as a result of the exercises.


what do you think?


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