Upstairs Bar: The Moroccan Oasis of Los Angeles

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posted on Oct. 04, 2016

Just picture yourself like this: sipping cocktails, lounging poolside and enjoying the amazing views of downtown LA. This is the Upstairs Bar at Ace Hotel.

The Upstairs at Ace Hotel which is surrounded by decorative Spanish-Goth Style Architecture was inspired by the famous Hollywood Les Deux Café and features a bunker-like rooftop with a concrete pool. You can have a pretty fantastic evening or afternoon enjoying live music or DJ sets all cosied up in a chair beneath a Moroccan inspired canopy on an open-air roof deck.

They feature top bartenders from around the country to host several theme nights like the “Friends with Benefits” events they frequently host. Some people even bring their laptops to work there; if the view is not distracting them too much.

Great for: It is great for those after-work schmoozings or reunions with friends. Even though it was pretty decent drinks with craft beer, wine and interesting cocktails, Upstairs is famous for its food. They have little superb Middle Eastern Bites like spicy lamb sausage flatbread ($15), cucumber and watermelon salad ($11) and ricotta toast ($12). Just make sure to go there as early as possible to get a cushy couch at the edge of the rooftop to enjoy mesmerising views and get your order ready before the crowd arrives.

The Scene: Before 9pm, the crowd consists of very laid-back after-work people who want to spend a nice afternoon relaxing, and after that, all the hipsters and Hollywood types start to flood the bar. It is ideal for all ages, and people with a funky yet casual vibe and eclectic style.

The Music: Upstairs has a variety of successful DJs and depending on the night, you will hear a wide range of music from house music to golden oldies. It’s loud and funky enough to get your groove going but make sure to check out their events in advance.

Drink This: The Kentucky Mai Tai ($14); this might be one of the pricier cocktails on the menu, however, its peculiar twist on the tropical drink we all know and love is totally worth it. They serve it with lemon, mescal, plus bourbon, Liquor de Peche, Cynar and orgeat. If you are looking for something less boozy, try Left Lucy ($13) which is very easy to drink; it is made with peach liquer, chile liquer, ginger, yellow chartreuse and lime. It is very sweet and bubbly and therefore, it is one of the ladies’ favourite drink.

The Upstairs’ Amazing Frozen Drink ($13) is a drink which changes frequently in order to keep its visitors interested, and it is what its name suggests; amazing! If you are a larger party you can just order the tasty punch for $100 or if you feel a bit classy there’s always a great selection of wine (sparkling, red, white and rose). Of course, there is always the safe choice of beer with several standard beers like Budweiser for $7.

No matter the season, Upstairs rooftop bar in LA is one of the best destinations to enjoy your drink in an elegant open-air restaurant with mesmerizing views.

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