Unusual Beaches: The Sea of Gems in California

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posted on Aug. 27, 2016

If you are looking for something to dazzle you in LA you need to look no further than the glass beach at Fort Bragg. It is one of the most unusual beaches.

There are lots of luxury things you can do in LA, and although nothing beats a gourmet meal at a fine dining restaurant, there’s something else you should also do when in California and that’s to visit the glass beach.

This beach might be the height of your luxury vacations as it’s a truly unique place and it’s a destination that only those used to luxury travel will truly appreciate as the beach is covered in glass and it will make you want to hunt for sea gems the moment you step on it.

In 1906 this beach was established as the official dumbing site for the factory in the area. Most communities with factories had similar water dumbs in which they could dumb things like glass, appliances and even vehicles. This site was eventually filled in the 1940s and another site was picked as the factory’s dumb. Just before the 70s the area was closed by state officials and several efforts were put forward to clean up the area, but eventually the waves smashed glass and pottery into smaller, smooth, colourful pieces that often become jewellery quality.

The site has been open to the public for some years now and it attracts tourists on a daily basis as this is one of the most unusual beaches in the world. Collecting glass from the beach is discouraged as the waves are destroying most of the glass, but there’s a proposal to replenish the beach with glass as it’s attracting more tourism for California.

What you probably won’t expect to find in this luxury travel of the senses are native plants. They nonetheless occur at this beach though. For example the Menzies wallflower, a hybrid flower is native to the area.

The glass beach in California is a truly spectacular place, and although it’s not the only one in the world (there’s another similar beach in California and there is also another one in Hawaii), this is by far the most spectacular beach of the three so make sure that you visit it before the glass is completely vanished from the waves.

Have you ever been at the glass beach in California? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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