Ultimate Destinations: A Luxury Hotel In Antarctica Offers the Adventure of a Lifetime

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posted on Aug. 20, 2016

As far as traveling goes, there are pretty incredible places you can visit, but have you ever considered Antarctica? This is the adventure of a lifetime.

You’ve probably heard of White Dessert Camp before as many of the rich people in the world, including royalty and millionaire CEOs like to travel there to surrender themselves to the ultimate experience: to live in Antarctica for a minimum of eight days.

The company that runs the luxury hotel explains that often their guests book a year in advance as they not only need to find time in their busy schedules to fit in this luxury vacation, but also they need to prepare for this kind of trip.

White Dessert Camp offers a unique environment in which their millionaire customers have nothing to do but relax, unwind and experience the majestic beauty of nature. There are three types of adventure offered to the clients, including trekking, visiting the North Pole and the penguin colony and of course some more adrenaline pumped activities for the thrill seekers.

The Hotel

The hotel as you can imagine from the elite clientele it gathers, is nothing short of a luxury hotel. The place has been decorated with the outmost care for the guests’ comfort and the carrying of furnishings alone didn’t just cost a fortune, but it was also a nightmare as it was incredibly difficult to carry anything in this virgin environment.

The hotel also runs on a no impact policy which means that nothing gets thrown out here, rather it’s shipped back to Cape Town for disposal and this includes the guests’ waste. As the company explains they have always been concerned with sustainability and the luxury hotel runs completely in solar power as it wants to avoid any impact on the environment.  In fact, even the wallpapers that decorate the walls are from environmentally friendly paper and glue.

The Cost

There are two available experiences you can book. One is 8 days long and the other is 11 days long. Both cost about $72,000 and that is most definitely a hefty price to pay but considering that it will truly be the luxury vacation of a lifetime, it’s worth it.

Journeys are conducted from November to December as this is the only time that the weather in Antarctica allows so if you’re interested in staying at the White Desert camp you should definitely book in advance.

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