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posted on Jul. 14, 2017
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After considering all of the features one should look for in a beard oil, we’ve come up with five of the best that checks all of the boxes for a quality product. You can bet you’ll be sure to find something that fits within your price range and specific beard type so that you can begin to transform your beard within just days.

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

This beard oil is ideal for the those who wants a bit more flexibility and freedom with this styling, and possibly even the man who has found that beard oil previously weighed him down. With the Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil you get the best natural ingredients but with just a hint of oil so it’s a lot thinner than the other mixtures.

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil - 1 fl oz


Jack Black Beard Oil

Harness the power of essential oils for your facial hair with Jack Black and let these all natural ingredients work their way into your face with their beard oil. This revolutionary brand is known for providing natural and effective skincare products for men, and this beard oil, in particular, is one of their best sellers.

What sets this Beard Oil apart is the simplicity of it, with just a few key ingredients working together to condition your beard and soothe your face underneath. This product contains plum oil which is ideal for those with brittle hair, so if your beard is in need of some extra attention this is one of the better beard oils to choose.

Jack Black Beard Oil On White Background

For those who find it a little too soft, you could try applying it at night for best results so that when morning comes it’s moisturized but not too fluffed out. This aside, though, the Jack Black Beard Oil is definitely one of the superior beard oil products and especially great for those who need a deep treatment on brittle and hard facial hair.


Detroit Grooming Co. Corktown Beard Oil

For the manliest of men who want the old time scent and feel on their beard, you can’t go past the Detroit Grooming Co.’s Corktown Beard Oil. Named after the famous Detroit neighborhood, this beard oil will make you feel like a true old world gentlemen with its notes of vanilla, tobacco, and cedarwood.


Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oil On White Background

There are countless reviews that marvel at the wonderful smell this beard oil has, with many saying they’ve even gotten rid of their cologne in favor of the masculine scent this offers. With tones of vanilla, tobacco, and cedarwood there isn’t much manlier available to wear with you all day long while you’re taking care of business.



Brickell Men’s Products Beard Oil

Known for creating top of the line luxury skincare products for men, Brickell has spared no expense when creating their Beard Oil which is made of only the most natural and organic ingredients around. With a promise for 100% natural ingredients and 85% organic, this is the purest stuff you’ll find if you’re looking for a totally earth and skin friendly beard oil.

Not only will the Brickell Beard Oil work deep into your rough facial hair to make it smoother and softer, but you’ll notice the irritation you once felt underneath disappear. This is thanks to aloe vera and argan oil contained within, on top of the other amazing ingredients, that work to soften dry and flaky skin.

Brickell Men’s Beard Oil For Men


For those men who want only the finest natural products for their beard and skin, you can’t go wrong with the Brickell Men’s Beard Oil. This is a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin who might have had issues in the past with beard oil, but still with enough effectiveness to soothe even the harshest and most brittle facial hair.


The Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit

If you’re after the complete package and want not only a quality beard oil but a set that will cover your entire facial hair routine, it has to be the Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit. These small sample size products are a great way to test out the range from Honest Amish and see how much they can transform even the most brittle beard.

This kit features everything you need including beard balm, beard oil, lip balm, and a beard wax all carried in a convenient pack. Whether you have a beard yourself and want the very best care for it or you know a bearded loved one who could do with some pampering, the Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit has you covered.

Honest Amish Beard Oil


These products are made from the finest natural ingredients and they even have a strong masculine smell to them so there’s no need to wear any additional cologne if you don’t wish. For a beard that’s truly healthy and full of shine, put your trust in the Beard First Aid Kit from The Honest Amish and give it the love it deserves.


Final Thoughts

With more and more men adopting the trend of beards, and a greater focus on looking and feeling good, it’s likely that the market for beard oil and other facial hair care products will continue to rise. Just as we go to great lengths to take care of the hair on our heads, so too will we now ensure the hair on our face has been given just as much attention.

Men can spend many years growing their beards, and they require constant upkeep and maintenance if we’re to have them looking their best. This is why choosing a beard oil can be a delicate process so that we ensure we’re applying the most suitable product for our facial hair goals and needs.

Danger Man Holding Axe


Beard oil is just one small step we can take to maintaining our facial hair, and whether it’s for yourself or the special bearded man in your life, any of these oils will make you happy.

There’s nothing better than being noticed for your beard in a positive way, and considering how long we take to grow them it makes sense we should invest some extra time and money to have them looking their best.

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