Top 5 Luxury Things to Do in Los Angeles

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posted on Aug. 02, 2016

From visiting celeb-filled restaurants and clubs to staying in 5 star hotels Los Angeles and luxury go hand in hand. These are the most expensive things to do in Los Angeles to feel like a true billionaire.

Los Angeles has been frequently called as a fantasy city, a mecca for film noir, face-lifts, shopping starlets and extreme traffic, sprawling across 34,000 square miles. So, if you want to do everything in just one trip, let me tell you this: you can’t. But that’s not a problem because we have found 10 of the absolutely best things you have to do when you’re in LA. Here are 10 of the most luxurious and most expensive things to do to have a unique and genuine experience of Los Angeles filled with luxury.

#1 Private Tour

If you are visiting Los Angeles with your partner, this private tour will help you have a memorable wine-tasting experience for two in Malibu, in a stretch limousine. An experienced driver and personal guide will escort you to three boutique wineries on the Santa Monica Mountains and along the Pacific Coast Highway. This 6 hour excursion will be everything you need to truly experience a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary or any other special occasion and have all of your whims met! You can enjoy champagne in the limo while observing the view of the vineyards, picnic spread with anything you may need and of course taste all the wines you may wish at 3 of the best wineries in the Los Angeles area.

#2 Liquid Gold

If you want to taste luxury in liquid form, then the best thing for you to do is have a Manhattan for $20 at the Tasting Kitchen. This drink is famous for the quality of ingredients- Thomas Handy barrel-proof rye, Carpano Antica and Angostura bitters- and of course for the skills of head mixologist, Justin Pike.

However, if this is too cheap for your taste then there is a $100 Margarita at Red O with three extra-anejo tequilas: Partida Elegante, Gran Patron Burdelos, Grand Marnier Cent Cinguintenaire, Herradura seleccion suprema, freshly squeezed lime juice, ice cubes made of housemade lime sorbet, organic agave syrup and Prunier D’orange Cognac all served with a stainless steel straw and an edible gold rim. Of course, they haven’t given this drink a random name; this exquisite drink is called “ The Benjamin” and it is only available on Fridays and Saturdays so you need to plan in advance if you want to taste some liquid gold.

Located on the Montage Beverly Hills, £10 (Ten Pound) Bar is the only outpost of The Macallan in the United States. There is a minimum charge of $50 but since all the cocktails are at least $28 and above, you will have no problem at all reaching that mark- you only need two drinks and that’s it. There are several beverage options ranging from $30 for a glass of The Macallan fine-oak or $64,000 for a 15-year-old Scotch of a bottle of The Macallan 64-Year.

#3 Downtown Los Angeles Biplane Ride

Why tour Los Angeles on the ground when you can feel the exhilarating rush of takeoff and enjoy amazing bird’s eye views of Downtown Los Angeles on a Biplane ride? An experience pilot will take you to the open sky and with a route map in hand you can enjoy the most breathtaking and golden views of Los Angeles during sunset and night time.

You will fly over the U.S Bank Tower- a 73-storey tall skyscraper of 1,018 feet- the tallest building in the world with a rooftop heliport. Did you know that this tower can easily withstand up to a 8.3 earthquake? The flight will take you over other amazing landmarks and buildings showing you how impressive Los Angeles at night can be.

This luxury ride will also be in a retro style biplane- it is the world’s only current production luxury 1935 biplane- the WACO YMF-5C will give you a historical glance of the city of Angels at 1,000 feet, offering you the perfect height and speed to enjoy all the city’s sightseeings.

Added bonus: climb into the open cockpit, strap in and enjoy this unique adventure of California’s scenery from the best seat on the biplane for only $545 for a night tour.

#4 Luxury Accommodation

If you are visiting Los Angeles for a chance to see all the movers and shakers in the world of film, music and media you must check into the Andaz. Situated on the famous Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, with just a backdrop of the Hollywood Hills, this boutique hotel used to be known as the “Riot Gyatt”- the place where all the rockbands used to stay and have all the wild parties. It is nothing compared to what it used to be before, though, as it is now one of the most refined hotels in Los Angeles. Just make sure to keep an eye open for the occasional celebrity drinking their cocktail on the rooftop pool with you.

Another great place to stay and feel like a true billionaire, is The Ritz-Carlton. It is located at the centre of Los Angeles amidst the life of the town. This refined hotel not only offers luxurious accommodation but it also offers dramatic and panoramic skyline views, a stimulating nightlife, relaxing spa services and exclusive access to entertainment, sports, world-class cuisines and several award shows. Staying there will give you the opportunity of having convenient access to all the financial, business, cultural and fashion districts of the city of Angels.

#5 VIP Shopping Experience

If you have already experienced and enjoyed all the views and sights of Los Angeles and all you need now is some shopping therapy then we have the solution for you: shop in luxury with a VIP shopping experience. Alyson Scott, a famous personal stylist has the best relationships with all the luxury stores you may need if you want to be offered a 5-star, VIP treatment. She has partners with boutiques such as Robertson, Rodeo Drive, West Third Street, La Brea, Melrose Place and Vintage.

During this VIP experience you will also be offered a personalized consultation of what style suits you and your personality best as well as a day ($883, from 3 to 6 hours) of shopping exclusively designed for you.

Bonus: you will be offered celebrity discounts, complimentary champagne, personal retail service and private dressing rooms. You will look and feel fabulous in no time!

If you are traveling to Los Angeles and want to do it in luxury and style and be treated as a billionaire celebrity this short guide offers the 5 best tips to have an absolutely unforgettable time in La La Land.

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