Top 10 Luxury Things to Do in Paris

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posted on Jul. 12, 2016

Paris might be the  city of love, but it is also the  city where the rich and the powerful come to drink champagne. Here are 10 luxury things to do there.

When Charles Dickens first laid eyes on Paris he thought it was the most extraordinary place in the world and he wasn’t the only one to have thought of that. Hemingway, who also loved Paris deeply, called it a movable feast and even usually nihilistic Nietzsche used to say that an artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.

And they were most definitely right because there is no city greater than Paris. I believe that I speak for everyone when I say that Paris’s charm and beauty are unparalleled. It’s a city that caters to every need and if you are looking for expensive things to do while in Paris, you’ve come to the right place.

Out of the myriads of luxury things Paris offers its billionaire visitors, there are things that you need to do if you want to experience true Parisian luxury. Whether you’re interested in art, in expensive wine or romantic dinners at Michelin star restaurants there isn’t a single place on Earth that would cater better to your needs than Paris.

#10 Buy Tickets to the Opera

The splendour of the Parisian Opera cannot be rivalled by any other Opera in the world, so if you’re looking for a luxury outing when in Paris make sure you do what most rich people do in Paris, visit the Opera National de Paris

Buy the most expensive outfit you can find in Champs Elysees and dress up for the most cultural experience of your life. Tickets to Puccini’s Tosca can cost up to €215 and they are worth every penny.

#9 Buy Art at Sotheby’s Paris

If there’s a city that truly values fine art then that’s Paris. For centuries artists have travelled to Paris to be inspired by the city of love and the results have been stunning to say the least. From Picasso to Matisse and Van Gogh to Monet, artists have always found Paris to be their muse so if there was ever a time to invest in art, it should definitely be when in Paris.

Although you probably won’t be able to buy the most expensive painting in the world, you will still be able to get some exceptional paintings. So go ahead and check Sotheby’s calendar for its upcoming auctions in Paris.

#8 Buy French Perfume in Parfums Caron

Parfums Caron is one of the last few places in the world to still have an in-house ‘nose’ (also called a master perfumer) who can create a perfume specifically for you. His perfume compositions are unique and although he remains faithful to luxury perfume making traditions, his creations are innovative and they are bound to dazzle you.

Perfumes in Parfums Caron start at €115 minimum and they’re so exclusive that every single billionaire that arrives to Paris visits this perfumery.

#7 Visit Hotel Plaza Athenee’s Wine Cellar

One of the most exclusive things to do in Paris is to visit this historical hotel’s wine cellar. Hotel Plaza Athenee’s Wine Cellar holds 35,000 thousand bottles including some of the most expensive wine brands in the world. From Château Cheval Blanc to Château Margaux, they have every single wine worth tasting.

It’s an experience that only rich people can afford as it costs €1000 just to open the wine cellar and purchasing an assortment of wine bottles can come up to €500. Of course the sommeliers at this wine cellar are so well trained that they are bound to select wines that will impress you. Head sommelier is the world-renowned sommelier Gerard Margeon who will guide you through this experience.

#6 Have Dinner On Air

The Parisian region is so spectacular that you definitely need to see it from high above. And the most romantic way to do so is with a hot air balloon ride. Aerfun balloons offer a VIP Dinner on board ride that is to die for. It can cost up to €1120 but the view is definitely worth it.

The ride lasts three to four hours and the company offers a pickup service from the nearest train station (or your hotel for an additional fee). You will also be offered champagne and of course you can bring a bottle of wine from Hotel Plaza Athenee’s cellar along for the ride.

#5 Have Dinner at Le Meurice

Gourmet dining is a must in Paris and you’ll find nowhere more gourmet to dine in than in Le Meurice. The Le Meurice’s restaurant is run by 3 Michelin star head chef Alain Ducasse. The restaurant overlooks the Tuileries Gardens and dining there will be one of the most memorable things you’ll ever do.

You can book a table at Le Meurice for €580 which includes a starter, three main course options, a desert and a wine pairing. The menu includes lobster, chesses and homemade chocolate.

#4 Spend a Night at Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s

This 5 star hotel is so luxurious that you’ll definitely want to spend more than just a night here. Situated between the Champs-Elysées and George V Avenues, Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s is not only prominently located, but it also offers free access to its spa for when you tire from shopping.

The guest rooms are decorated by famous designers, while there’s also a Michelin star restaurant in the hotel. The roof offers panoramic views of Paris and you can enjoy a night in their deluxe suite for €3000.

#3 Cruise Down the River Seine

Paris by night is something you definitely don’t want to miss and this night cruise will make you fall in love all over again.  Begin your evening by being picked up by the driver and arrive at the river for your hour long cruise. You will have a spectacular view of Paris by night. The sightseeing includes the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Panthéon, the Musée d'Orsay, the Opéra and Place de la Concorde, the Pont Neuf, Pont Marie and Pont Alexandre III, and the iconic Eiffel Tower which sparkles unforgettably at night.

The cruise, including the champagne you’ll be served on board and dinner at an authentic Parisian restaurant costs more than $500.

#2 Book a VIP Table at the Moulin Rouge

Paris is famous for many things; there’s the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera and the romantic bridges, but the thing that is more famous for it’s the classy nightlife. And you can experience this class in the Moulin Rouge. This belle époque cabaret offers a spectacle that in unparalleled to any other on Earth. The show is a feast for the eyes, while the dinner is also excellent.

For €400 you can book a VIP table which includes a bottle of premium champagne and a bottle of rose champagne, as well as a three course dinner.

#1 Take a Private Tour of the Louvre


If there’s one museum you need to visit before you die that’s the Louvre. The Louvre’s Collection features exhibits from all over the world. There you will find wonders from ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, while you’ll also be able to see paintings from Da Vinci and Delacroix.

However, as the Louvre is always busy with tourists, it’s best if you take a private tour of the museum. Not only will you go at your own pace, but you’ll also be able to learn more about every exhibit. Although taking a private tour of the Louvre is considered one of the more expensive things to do in Paris, it actually only costs a little over €100, so it’s definitely worth it.

There are plenty of exclusive things to do in Paris and these are just some of the most expensive things you can do to see Paris in luxury.

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