Top 10 Luxury Things to Do in Dubai

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posted on Aug. 01, 2016

From going on a hot air balloon ride to enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, there are so many things to do in Dubai, making it a top-notch travel destination for all.

If you really want to enjoy a holiday beyond your wildest dreams all you need to do is visit Dubai and enjoy these incredibly luxurious and unforgettable experiences of the most expensive things. We all know that Dubai is the city capital of eye-catching architecture, the centre of trendy and expensive labels, finest cuisines and the best place to have the most extravagant lifestyle.

So, are you planning to visit Dubai and want to have the luxurious experience of a billionaire? Here are the top 10 luxury and most authentic things to do in Dubai.

#1 Relaxing Spa Treatment


If you are from the U.S or Europe, you are probably far away from Dubai and even though a jetlag is almost unavoidable, you can prevent or cure it and kick start your vacation by indulging in a soul-southing treatment offered by one of the best spa facilities in Dubai including Armani/Spa, Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah, The Palm or Park Hyatt’s Amara Spa. You can pamper yourself with massages, body exfoliating and wrap treatments, facial, hand and foot care in a luxurious, fabulous and relaxing atmosphere.

#2 Lavish Dining


What is the best thing to do after a day full of relaxing and pampering? Celebrate your vacation in Dubai by relishing several award-winning cuisines in a luxury setting. It doesn’t matter if you prefer dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, or venues with palatial-style interiors or futuristic designs- Dubai has it all! Have a majority of options like for example dining at Noble House within Raffles Hote, Ossiano in Atlantis The Palm, Atmosphere at Burj Khalifa or even Al Hadheera at Bab Al Shams.

However, if you are truly looking for the ultimate luxurious experience you need to make your reservations for a private dinner on the helipad of sail-shaped Burj Al Arab.

#3 Private Tour


One of the best ways to experience Dubai is by visiting all the modern and futuristic sightseeing the city is so famous for. But you can discover all the hidden corners, visit iconic landmarks and explore Dubai’s avant-garde beauty in a fully customizable private sightseeing tour with premier transportation- like a true billionaire. If money is no issue, you can just speak to your tour specialist and arrange a high-end transportation of your choice like a luxury limo, a comfy SUV or a super car like Lamborghini. And if you want to have a firsthand experience, ask to go for a self-drive and enjoy the fine highlights and well-kept roads of the most developed emirate.

#4 Top-Notch Shopping Session

Dubai isn’t labeled as a top-notch destination for its architectural building only; it also boasts chic outlets and designer boutiques. If you are a luxury shopaholic we have the best activity for you. With over 60 shopping malls in Dubai like the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall or Wafi Mall you can find anything you want ideal for your taste and style. For the ultimate shopping experience, you can also seek help from professional fashion advisors that will not only inform you of all the current fashion trends but also help you find something that fits your personality and style.

#5 Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you tired of experiencing cities the usual and normal way? Well, if you are looking for an alternative way to experience Dubai’s extravagant attractions then you can go on a magical hot air balloon ride over the incredible hills and breathtaking landscape of the emirate. This romantic experience of ecstasy and serenity will be beyond any of your dreams or expectations.

#6 Private Helicopter Flight

One of the best experiences in Dubai is to go on a private helicopter flight. It doesn’t matter if you are a photography enthusiast, an adventure fanatic or someone who is just looking to have fun and a unique experience; this scenic helicopter ride should definitely be in your luxurious bucket list. During the incredible aerial tour you can see Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and other unique sights from the top of the world!

#7 Luxury Yachting

If you want to enjoy busy Dubai away from other tourists and visitors, you can charter a deluxe yacht to soak up the sun and the mesmerizing views of Dubai’s skyline. Of course, your luxury yacht will be complete with everything you can set your mind to like astounding dining, recreation and leisure facilities which can also be ideal for celebrations of birthdays or other special occasions. Don’t miss out this opportunity of having one extra-special extravagant once in a lifetime celebration.

#8 Overnight Desert Safari

Okay, maybe some of the above luxury things you can also do in other countries, however, something that is purely unique to Dubai is going on an overnight desert safari. Part of your safari trip would be to go out on the desert by 4X4, on a quad bike or sand board; you can tailor this adventure based on your likes and needs. This extraordinary desert safari will also give you the chance of getting to know the Emirati culture better by taking part in traditional Arabic activities like riding a camel, getting your hands painted with exotic henna designs or relish a multi-course dinner at a Bedouin-inspired camp. Your unique experience won’t stop there though, because after dinner you get to relax by the campfire, smoke Shisha and enjoy traditional belly dance and Tanura performances. Once you’ve had enough Arabic experiences and feel tired do not worry; you can rest in a private tent complete with all the essentials for a relaxing night under the star-lit sky.

#9 Sleep in Luxury

Speaking of sleep, if you want to have a genuine and complete Emirate lifestyle make sure to chose a chic and classy apartment or hotel situated in one of Dubai’s posh areas. Some of our top-notch accommodation options are Grand King Suite at Rixos The Palm, Burj Al Arab’s Royal Suite, Armani Dubai’s suites, Presidential Suite of Fairmont The Palm or the Presidential Suite in Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. Whichever you chose you will most definitely have a fairytale-like stay in the most modern places with incredible views.

#10 Eat in Luxury


As a final luxury treat, you can enjoy the world’s most expensive ice-cream for AED 3000 a scoop from Dubai’s Scoopi Parlor on Jumeirah Beach Road. If you try their Black Diamond flavor it blends a Madagascan vanilla base with Iranian saffron and slices of Italian black truffle, all garnished with a 23-carat edible gold leaf served in a Versace dish- you will feel like a royalty. Oh and if this is a bit too rich for your taste, go ahead and try a traditional chocolate scoop in a cone for AED 15 which is still very delicious.

So if you ever go to Dubai, make sure you experience all of the above suggestions if you want to have a truly authentic and unique experience filled with luxury and incredible experiences.

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