This Woman’s Body Was Photoshopped to Be Beautiful Across the World

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posted on Apr. 18, 2016

The way we view the world is often a result of our cultural background and this includes how we view beauty. People in different countries around the world have different understandings on what they word beautiful entails and to prove that Esther Honig began a project whose results are bound to shock you.

The image of a young woman in underwear was sent to female designers around the world, they were told to photoshop the body according to the beauty standards of their country. The results were shocking as most designers chose to slim the model down as well as change skin and hair colour.

This is the original image that was sent to designers around the world. They were told to make this woman beautiful according to their country’s beauty standards. 



The body had to be slimmed down but the ever-desired gap between the legs had to be there as well as some curves. The fact that these two characteristics cannot coexist in a real woman’s body is insignificant.


Everything was changed. From bone structure to race this woman is tiny and resembles nothing like the original model.


Hair and bigger boobs are all that matter in Venezuela as is apparent from this stunning result.


Neighbouring Colombia also seems to love its women with long hair. The body is slimmed down and the face is elongated in order to reach Colombian beauty standards.


To say that the body has been slimmed down would be an understatement. Obviously Italian people like their women skinny. The result is frightening to say the least.


Obviously everyone needs to walk around tanned in Mexico but if you notice the waste to hip ratio..well let’s just say that it reminds us of good ol’ J.Lo.


More of a sporty look for the model, here she is slimmed down and looks a bit tiny. The weird thing is that I’ve always thought of Dutch women as being tall so I have no idea why a tiny girl is the standard for beauty.


The UK version of the model is smaller and more light skinned with lots of red hair.


Ukrainians must love their red because this girl is red from tip to toe. Not only are her bikini and hair red, but even her nail polish seems to be red. What struck me as weird though is that the gap between the legs is non-existent here.


Make sure to visit the project's website to see how the model ended up looking in all 18 countries. 

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