This Woman Beat Her Husband to Death Because He Didn’t Want to Have Sex With Her

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posted on Jun. 17, 2016

I mean we’ve all been there, wanting to f*ck when your partner appears to not be in the mood, but has anyone ever beat their partner to death because of it? No, and let’s not forget that that’s the reason why sex industry gods invented sex toys people. The dildo drone was made for you! So that you could have an orgasm even if your partner does not feel like having sex.

However news of sex toys must not have reached Vimla Vaghela in India who admitted to having killed her husband after he refused to have sex with her. Before picking up a stick and beating him to death Vaghela accused her husband of cheating her. The victim died of multiple injuries while Vaghela went to the police to report herself. At first she said that she had killed him in self-defence, but she then reported the truth. She was sentenced with life imprisonment and a fine of £20.

It’s important for all of us to acknowledge the gravity of sex crimes because it seems that people all over the world are having a hard time grasping what consent is. If you’re unsure what consent is and when it’s given watch this very informative video that explains sexual consent in the most hilarious way.

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