This Pennsylvania Museum Is NOT for the Fainthearted

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posted on Apr. 06, 2016

There are a lot of creepy places around the world like the Aokigahara forest in Japan which is also known as the country’s most popular suicide site (on average, 30 people end their lives there every year) or the Overtoun Bridge in Scotland from which an estimated 600 dogs have leapt to their deaths. Then there’s the Catacombs of Paris which houses the remains of some six million people.

However, there’s building a little closer to home that’s just as equally terrifying: the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It’s a museum, you think. How terrifying can it really get?

Well, it’s a medical museum. And medical museums aren’t exactly known for housing beautiful antique furniture or a collection of vintage toys. They’re known for their crazy ass sh*t.

And here’s just a handful of the things they have on display:

The Soap Lady

The Soap Lady is a woman whose body was exhumed in Pennsylvania in 1875. What’s so special about her is the adipocere that encases her remains, a fatty substance that led to her rather boring stage name.

The Hyrtl Skull Collection

The Hyrtl Skull Collection is comprised of 139 (very real) human skulls, a collection that was originally owned by Joseph Hyrtl and later donated to the museum in 1874. Beginning in July 2012 and ending in December 2013, the public had the opportunity to “adopt” one of the 139 skulls for $200 a year as part of the museum’s SOS (Save Our Skulls) initiative which aims to conserve and preserve the entire collection. Anna Dhody, the museum’s curator, called the collection’s campaign a “great gift for that special somebody in your life.”

A Slice of a Human Face

In the video, Dhody explains that they have some 400 such specimens in their collection as though it’s normal.

“I have 10 pairs of shoes.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I have 400 specimens of bilateral cross-sections of human faces.”

Albert Einstein’s Brain

We all know who Albert Einstein is. He was one of the greatest minds to have ever walked on Earth. And a piece of his sliced brain happens to be on display in the museum.

A Jar of Pickled Human Skin

…that apparently smells like Romano cheese, according to the museum’s director, Dr. Robert Hicks. We’ll take your word for it, Dr. Hicks!

So, who wants lunch?

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