This Is What Rich People Spend Their Money On

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posted on Jul. 27, 2016

Being filthy rich means you can buy everything you want. Rich people buy expensive cars, houses, yachts and other useful things to make their lives more comfortable, however, many celebrities with great disposable incomes are known to dump money on several useless, bizarre and very exclusive things.

Some people would buy anything, regardless of cost, spending millions on useless things they definitely never needed. For example, Mike Tyson bought two very expensive cats. This may sound pretty normal to you but these weren’t any cats you would expect. Not even Persians or Sphynxes; he bought two pet tigers because why not? When you have the money you can do anything you want, right?

Since we all love seeing people blowing money on things they don’t really need, or things no ordinary person could buy we thought you might enjoy this list about rich people and what they spend their money on.

#10 Beyonce Knowles - Diamond Encrusted Barbie: $85,000

Do you have a daughter? If you do, then you have most probably bought her a Barbie at a young age. However, Beyonce didn’t want to buy her beloved daughter an ordinary doll from Walmart, just as the typical American would do. Instead she did everything to get her daughter, Blue Ivy, a custom made Barbie for her very first birthday.

It is believed that the doll cost around $85,000 and was covered with more than 150 gems and etched in white gold. This is an excessive amount of money to spend on something a young kid is just going to droll all over or break apart.

#9 Mike Tyson – White Bengal Tigers: $150,000

Have you watched The Hangover? Do you remember when the protagonists woke up in the morning with no clue what happened to them the night before and discovered a tiger in their room? Well, Mike Tyson must have been inspired by this movie and decided to buy his own tiger pet. Mike Tyson used to be worth $300 million so he had several millions to spare. He bought two Bengal tigers for $150,000 and needed a quite expensive care- around $4,000 per month.

#8 Tom Cruise - Sonogram Machine: $200,000

Tom Cruise has always been famous for being a bit crazy especially when it was related to his ex-wife Katie Holmes. He even took his craziness up to a whole new level when he paid $200,000 for a sonogram machine while his wife was pregnant.  For Tom Cruise, spending $200,000 to produce an ultrasound of their baby whenever he felt like it, was nothing since he is one of the richest actors of Hollywood. 

#7 Katy Perry - Trip To Outer Space: $200,000

We all know how Katy Perry is known for being a  bit odd- but not as crazy as Tom Cruise.  When Perry’s ex husband Russel Brand turned 35, she surprised him with a very unique gift: she paid to send Brand to space. Russell should have known what this meant- it was a sign that their relationship wasn’t going in the right direction.

#6 Angelina Jolie - Waterfall: Unknown

Angelina Jolie wanted to give her handsome husband, Brad Pitt, something really special for his 48th birthday and since he is a fan of architecture he decided to buy a waterfall for him- i guess she took the TLC song Chasing Waterfalls to heart

She didn't just buy a waterfall for her husband, she also bought the property that was on top of it and turned it into her home. Brad Pitt was very impressed by this amazing gift and everyone is waiting to see how he will return the favour on Jolie's next birthday.


#5 Paris Hilton – Dog House: $325,000

Paris Hilton is always associated with her miniature dogs she is always seen to carry around in her purse. Everyone thought this is just a publicity stunt but as it turns out she really loves them. Why else would she buy a $325,000 dog house? But before you judge her this is not just an average dog house; we are talking about a custom-built and carefully designed house similar to her multi-million dollar mansion. This house has mini designer furniture, heating, air conditioning, and even a chandelier.  

#4 Mike Tyson – Solid Gold Bathtub: $2.3 Million

It is not a surprise that Mike Tyson is on our list twice. The former boxer is famous for blowing money- does he think he has a bottomless bag full of money? Well, this time, he bought his first wife Robin Givens a 24 karat solid gold bathtub to put in her mansion in Ohio. With a price tag of $2.3 million, this expensive bathtub didn’t manage to save their marriage and they were unfortunately soon divorced.

#3 Kanye West – 10 Burger King Franchises: $7.5 Million

Kanye West knows how to give the weirdest wedding presents; he bought 10 Burger Kings as a wedding present to his wife, Kim Kardashian. Maybe she was a fan of Whoppers?

Nevertheless, he bought them for $7.5 million and the Burger King locations are scattered across Europe. Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a really huge investment for the future.

#2 Kim Basinger – A Town: $20 Million

All celebrities are known for being outrageous with their impulse buyings but Kim Basinger took this to a whole new level; she bought a whole town in Georgia back in 1989 for $20 million. While stuck in a traffic jam, she got the idea of buying the town of Braselton in order to turn it into a grand tourist attraction for people to attend movie studios and film festivals. It soon turned out to be a big failure and ended up selling it five years later for $1 million and declaring bankruptcy.


#1 Jay Z – Race Horse: $55 Million

All horse lovers know California Chrome, the horse that almost won the first triple crown since Affirmed did in 1978, right? Well, even though this horse came up short, he is still one of the most popular horses- with a crazy price tag as well. Jay-Z, the famous and rich rapper bought the famous pony for $55 million as an investment. Even though Chrome can no longer be used for races, it can definitely be used as a stud for breeding.

Rich people have a weird habit of spending money for the most expensive things in the world, but sometimes it seems that they are using their money to buy useless things that turn out to be bad investments. But we are not here to judge; whatever tickles their fancy, right? 

What about you? What is the craziest thing you have ever purchased?

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