This is the World’s First 3D-Printed Motorcycle!

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posted on Sep. 29, 2016
by Mary Lu

Can you see yourself driving a motorbike? If yes, then you will love this! Do you want to take this one for a spin? Check out the popular Light Rider.

If you are addicted to motorcycles and just can’t get enough of these machines, then you probably have heard all about the latest motorcycle model that’s been introduced a couple of months ago. While it’s not a product made by any famous and expensive motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Honda or Ducati, it’s obviously a revolutionary creation that changes the future of 3D printing and motorcycle manufacturing industry.

I am talking about the ‘Light Rider’, the world’s first 3D-printed prototype for an electric motorcycle that is designed by Airbus Group at APWorks. Just like APWorks’s engineer Stefanus Stahl says this motorcycle demonstrates the company’s vision of future urban mobility’.

This motorcycle that it’s going to cost you €50,000 is ‘probably the world’s lightest motorcycle’. It’s a lithe bicycle-like all electric machine that weighs about 77 pounds, which APWorks claims is 30 percent lighter than any other motorcycle made using standard materials and manufacturing techniques.  

Featuring an ‘organic exoskeleton’ shape-like vehicle, this motorcycle was built using conventional production technologies like milling or welding.  The Light Rider was created using Scalmalloy, a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy powder that is used in robotic parts and aerospace applications and experts say it’s as strong as titanium. Its frame was designed this way so that it can handle everyday weight and stress demands.

The Light Rider isn’t what you would call just an ordinary motorbike – not just because it has been 3D-printed, but it’s actually one of its kind. The fact that it can run from 0 to 45 km/h in three seconds, makes this motorcycle a special type of superbike and it can easily win the hearts of the most fanatic racer. And that’s not just it.

Here’s what the Light Rider does:

  • Runs on a 6 kilowatt electric motor.
  • Reaches up to 80 kilometers per hour.
  • Has a 60km exchangeable battery.


The Light Rider shows that metallic 3D-printing technology is going to open more possibilities in design and probably create more useful products and tools for use in other fields. As far as it concerns entertainment and sports, you can now order your own Light Rider!

APWorks has already started taking €2,000 in deposits. At the moment there is a limited run of 50 Light Riders available in the market, so if you want to get yours, you better hurry up!

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