This Is the Right Way to Shave Your Bikini

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posted on Jun. 20, 2016

With summer upon us there’s but one thing to do and that’s to put yourself in your cutest bikini and relax on a lounge chair by the beach.  Although grooming your pubic hair is entirely up to you, if you are interested in shaving your bikini area then you need to make sure that you do it the right way.

Shaving your bikini with a blunt blade or without exfoliating may cause irritation and ingrown hair so make sure that you follow all the steps below to ensure a smooth result.

#1 Get a New Razor

Yes I know that the razor in your bathtub seems perfectly ok but it’s not. Did you know that we are supposed to only use a blade up to four times? So yeah, if your razor has been sitting in the shower for over a month throw it out and get a new one.

#2 Prep

The first thing to doing any beauty routine to your body is to exfoliate as this will help you remove dead skin from your body. When you shave you want a sleek result so you first need to ensure that all dead skin and hair is removed. This will also help prevent ingrown hair and it will make your skin feel softer.

#3 Do It the Night Before

You probably know that you’re not supposed to be anywhere under direct sunlight straight after shaving, but as the bikini is an especially sensitive area it’s important that you wait before going anywhere near a beach or pool. Wearing bikini bottoms right after you’ve shaved can cause irritation and your skin might also be more sensitive to bacteria.

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