This Ingenious DIY Idea Is Helping Bangladesh Cope With Summer

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posted on Jun. 09, 2016

Although it can be hard to imagine having to cope with a summer without the aircon, this is the reality for many people living in poorer countries. In fact, people in countries such as Bangladesh have to cope without any electricity in their homes and with temperatures rising up to 45 degrees Celsius this can easily become unbearable.

A Bangladeshi inventor has come up with an ingenious idea however that will help the people in his country cool down during the summer. The eco-cooler is made up by an easily accessible item: cut down plastic water bottles. The bottles are then placed on a board which in its turn is paced on the wall like a window-frame. The bottle’s neck compresses hot air and cools it down which can help drop temperature by 5 degrees.

You can even find instructions on how to make your own eco-cooler online so go forth and be cool.

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