This Bizarre Helmet Lets You See The World Through The Eyes of Animals

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posted on May. 26, 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a frog? Or an owl? Or how these creatures or other animals see the world? I know I have, and hundreds of times.

And thankfully, the Marshmallow Laser Feast creative studio came up with a cool way to help people experience how it would look like to walk through the woods through the eyes of animals.

This is how you can hack into the eyes of an animal.


They used a 360° drone camera to scan the Grizedale Forest in Britain so they could create a virtual copy of the forest.


This bizarre helmet lets you walk through this virtual forest and actually see- in a more artistic interpretation- how animals see the same wooded area.


Isn’t it amazing how animals perceive the world?

what do you think?


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