Things Rich People Have That You Don’t Even Need

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posted on Sep. 08, 2016
by Rick Fo

There's a myriad of things that the rich have that us normal people don't need. Like solid gold diamond-set bidets. But I'm not talking about that stuff.

I am talking about things that sound downright Kafkaesque, things like…actually I won’t tell you because you will never read the article. Let’s say rich people have needs that simple people just don’t. In some cases it’s not even material things, not even solid gold, diamond-studded bidets.

Here are some of those insane things that rich people have that normal people don’t even need.

Driving Lessons

No I’m not talking about the driving lessons you take when you are going to get your first licence, no I am talking about driving lessons, so you can drive the car you just bought. Most exotic automobiles are so grotesquely overpowered (12 cylinder engine anybody?) that you have to take special lessons, or you might end up dying in a fiery crash on your first Sunday out.


Although you might think that bulletproof cars, armed guards and bionic labradoodles with lasers would afford you immense security, it doesn’t really give you much peace of mind apparently. How did I come to this conclusion? By the fact that there are insurance companies that offer kidnapping and ransom insurance to rich people. Oh there is even extortion insurance available, in case you feel like you might be trapped in a Hollywood movie with Liam Neeson.  

Registries For Obscenely Expensive Stuff

Have you ever bought something so expensive that your accountant would slap you across your face and then embezzle your money to keep it safe? Me either, mainly because I can buy anything expensive and because I don’t have an accountant. I do have a friend of mine that is pretty good at math though. How about this scenario: have you ever bought something but never bothered taking it home…not even bothered looking at it? Well apparently rich people do this all the time. There are companies called registries which you register on (shocking right?) and things like limited edition watches, cars and jewellery are bought in your name…the thing is you never see those things and are often just resold. Weird.


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