These Otters Are So Adorable Your Head Will Explode

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posted on May. 27, 2016

Warning: This post contains images that some viewers may find adorable. Cold-blooded, heartless people are advised to skip this post entirely. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any potential head explosions due to cuteness overload.

#1 "Hello!"

#2 "I'm up, I'm up... Where's my coffee?" *SNORE*

#3 "Oh. Hey, there. Just doing my yoga workout. Nothing to see here."


#5 Again, SQUEE!

#6 It's so FLUFFY!

#7 "Damn paparazzi! I can't even take my kids to the beach!"

#8 The otter version of Michael Jordan in the making.

#9 "You're hilarious!"

#10 "I have an evil plan! I mean, look how cute I am!"

#11 "No, no. Tell me more. Really, I want to hear about your problems."

#12 "Did you just call me fat?"

#13 "I loves my sea urchins!"

#14 "I forgot to pick up the kids from school!"

#15 And that's how you make it look like an accident.

#16 Someone give this otter an Oscar!



Seriously, aren’t they just otterly adorable? (Get it? OTTER-ly adorable?)

what do you think?


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