These are the Most Exclusive Handbags in the World

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posted on Jul. 01, 2016

Women love the most expensive things. They love expensive shoes, they love expensive clothes but their greatest weakness is expensive handbags. Because anyone who is familiar with fashion knows that a good outfit and a good pair of shoes can easily be ruined without a great bag.

Handbags are not just a fashion statement; they are also a status statement and a statement of your creative personality- or lack thereof. And of course, bags came in all kinds of sizes and shapes and different price tags- they are all ridiculously expensive.

Here is a list of the most exclusive handbags in the world.

WARNING: most people won’t be able to afford these but hey; a woman can dream.

#5 The Exceptional Collection Rouge H Porosus Crocodile Handbag: $1.9 million

Even though this bag looks like a normal designer bag it is nothing but- it is also absurdly expensive. It is crafted with authentic crocodile skin and 18-carat white gold detailing and numerous diamonds. If this isn’t a statement piece I don’t know what is. At $1.9 million, this is a very rare and expensive bag all women desire to own.

#4 Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag: $1.9 million

This bad screams EXPENSIVE! It is crafted out of platinum and is covered by 2000 diamonds- justifying its ridiculous price tag of almost $2 million. The best thing about this bag is that it features a diamond strap that can also be used as a bracelet or a necklace by detaching it from the bag! Cool, right?

#3 Hermes Rose Gold Crocodile or Diamond Birkin and Kelly Bag – $1.9 million

This bag is so mini it can’t even hold a pair of sun glasses and so luxurious it is only offered to the most elite customers. There are two variations of this bag: one with intertwining chains of 11,000 diamonds and the other is a rose gold version with crocodile scales and 1,160 diamonds.

#2 The Hermes Chaine d’Ancre: $2 million

Another piece from Hermes’ Haute Bijouterie, this bag has several white gold studs on the outside and a total of 1,160 diamonds equal to 33.94 carats. They only created three bags making it a very exclusive, pricey and rare bag. So if you are a bag collector this is the bag for you.

#1 Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse: $3.8 million

This heart-shaped bag is the most valuable handbag of our list and it is at a whopping $3.8 million. It is handcrafted from 18-carat gold and has 4,517 diamonds- 105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless- which equal to 381.92 carats. So, if you were wondering which was the most iconic and exclusive bag in the world, this is our number 1!

If you had the money, would you buy any of these bags?

what do you think?


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