These Animals with Unusual Markings Are Just Too Cute

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posted on Jun. 15, 2016

Generally speaking, animals are cute. So cute, in fact, that your head feels like it’s going to explode from cuteness overload. But believe me when I say you’ve seen nothing yet. These animals with rather strange markings are probably the cutest things you’ll ever see in your entire life.

#1 Something tells me that beams of love shine out of this horse’s forehead.

#2 This cat has a better ‘tache than I’ll ever have.

#3 Okay, I want a pair of sunglasses just like this one!

#4 This cute little sheep even has its own heavy metal band.

#5 Like mother, like daughter!

#6 I think this cow questions everything in life.

Country Magazine

#7 This dog has a dog on its back. And yes, it also looks like something else, but we’re not that dirty-minded around here.

#8 I’m not quite sure this cat is very pleased with the fact that a monkey keeps hugging him.

#9 It’s a cat within a cat! It’s CATCEPTION!

#10 Gives a whole new meaning to “Holy cow”!

#11 This penguin wants to give you his heart.

#12 OMG! Do you see the heart on this puppy’s butt? ADORABLE!

#13 You know life sucks when even this dog has better-looking eyebrows than you.

#14 It’s Kitler!

#15 All this time, Batman was actually a bear. Man, he’s good at keeping his identity secret!

I mean, seriously! Have you seen how awesomely cute they all are?

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