The World's Most Expensive And Exclusive Strip-Clubs

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posted on Jul. 30, 2016
by Rick Fo

So you want to have a good clean time, minus the clean of course. You also want the most beautiful model like women and very expensive alcoholic beverages.

The Strip Clubs on this list only offer the best of the best, the most attractive women, the most exclusive alcohol. If you are into having a great time, while people surround you in minimal clothing, then this is the list for you.

When your tastes are as refined as yours, simple pedestrian strip-clubs just won’t cut it, you demand beautiful, nay, the most beautiful women to gyrate sensually for you, the most expensive alcohol to burn your throat and enough services to make the Hyatt-Regency blush. Well start with the first full service club on the list.

K5 Relax, Prague










Located in the dead-middle of Prague’s famous Golden City K5 Relax is definitely not a one trick pony. If you aren’t familiar with the Golden City one of its primary calls to grace is its stunning model-esque women. I mentioned that just so you know what you’re in for. That’s not the only thing it offers though, because the club is located on the fourth floor for maximum privacy, features a sauna, steam room and other “relaxation” facilities. It also features a restaurant, a cocktail bar and themed rooms like the Old Rome, the Knight’s Room, the Space Room (complete with moon lander) and Igloo room featuring a badly taxidermy-ed polar bear. Before move on to the next entry , maybe I should mention that K5 also offers an escort service.

Scores, Manhattan




If there is one club you should thank for inventing the upscale gentlemen’s club experience look no further than Scores. During the height of the wall street wankers, Scores started offering an upscale strip club experience with fine dining food and expensive top shelf alcohol. The performers would walk around the club in beautiful flowing gowns. If you think that it’s still too low class, then you might want to take a look at its pantheon of celebrity patrons including: the Foo Fighters, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and even Kate Moss. It features amazingly opulent private rooms and a very exclusive, extremely difficult to get into  V.I.P. area. It is said that Scores features some of the most stunning women in NYC.

Night Flight, Moscow




One of the most famous strip clubs in the world, Night Flight in Moscow is owned and operated by a group of Swedish nationals and features some of the most beautiful Russian women on stage and if there is one thing that Russia is famous for beyond its Putin Memes its beautiful women.  Ok it’s also known for luxury, wealth and unbridled crazy parties. Well, Night Flight is all of those things and more. It features a gourmet restaurant, an opulent crazy club area and of course a VIP lounge. If there is one place that it would be OK to be caught with your pants down, it’s Night Flight, Moscow.

Mons Venus, Florida




Florida is muggy, sticky and hot…just like the inside of Mons Venus. The dancers are completely nude and touching isn’t prohibit, quite the opposite actually, its encouraged resulting in some very heavy petting on the club's floor. If you are too far to enjoy Mons Venus’ beautiful touchy-feely women then you spy on them from the comfort of your own couch through their live stream of the dance floor. Yes you can see a completely naked dancer here. Go ahead click on the link.

Jumbo’s Clown Room, Hollywood




You know things are a little left of normal when they are in Hollywood and Jumbo’s Clown Room isn’t any different. In existence since the skeevy 70s Jumbo’s Clown Room has established itself as a Rock n’ Roll Strip Club. The alcohol flows freely, the women are, let’s say alternative and the music is exclusively hair metal. I think I should circle back to the performers though, because they are classically trained dancers, amputees or vampires…yes, vampires. It’s a kinky place, but I know that you rich people think that the kinkier the better.

Stadium Club, Washington D.C.




Fine dining meets exclusive gentlemen’s club, Stadium Club D.C. Some of its loftier offerings are Remoulade Calamari, Shrimp with mango salsa and of course the gentlemen’s club staple of Buffalo wings which come in a few very special elevated variations. Who knows you might even see a world leader or two when you visit.

Clermont Lounge, Atlanta




If you enjoy a club off the beaten path, I mean so far off the beaten path Magellan would have a hard time finding it, and have never seen a seventy old woman strip naked then Clermont Lounge might be the perfect fit for you. Attracting celebrities such as Marilyn Manson, Kid Rock, Jennifer Lawrence and Mumford and Sons, this sticky, dank basement of the Clermont Motor Lodge is only for the bolder of celebs and elites. OK I’ve got one more for you, just because it’s the weirdest one, only for the most jaded people.

Sam’s Hofbrau, L.A.




Because Hollywood is part of L.A. we can more or less assume that L.A. is pretty warped too. Don’t take my word for it, just visit Sam’s Hofbrau where you can enjoy a brew, a braust and a women with missing limbs…yes, that’s what this club is exclusively famous for.


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