The Top 10 Most Expensive Boob Jobs on Celebrities

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posted on Jun. 30, 2016

Because money is nothing when it comes to being able to sport a plunging V-neck on the red carpet.

Being a celebrity must be hard, I mean you constantly have all eyes on you and there are paparazzi everywhere you go. Tabloids are especially harsh on you when you are a celebrity so it seems that in spite of the money and the glory, celebrities lead difficult lives. Or so they would have us believe.

Of course, if we’re being honest, it must be hard to feel insecure about something on your body and then seeing yourself on the cover of a tabloid and being shamed for that exact thing. And it’s exactly for this reason that celebrities often result to surgeries to fix what they deem is a flaw on their body so as to be more liked.

Needless to say that they have every right to do that since it’s their body and nobody should ever be judged for wanting to do something on their body, but as celebs tend to be excessive with everything, I’m sure you can understand that they tend to overspend on boob jobs as well. But did you know how much overspending they can do? Let’s just say that your jaw will drop and your mouth will pop when you read how much good ol’ Pam Anderson has spent on her boobs.

#10 Victoria Beckham - $8,000

Back in her Spice Girls day, Posh Spice was fancy, she also seemed to be lacking in the chest area and although in our eyes she has never looked anything but flawless, back in 2006 Victoria decided to trade in her 34A for a 34DD. I’m not sure she managed to balance on her heels as she walked out of the clinic after this dramatic chance but a few years later she reduced her implants and has since settled on a decent 34B.

#9 Holly Madison -$8,800

Holy Madison became famous after being in the ‘Girls Next Door’, a show that depicted the lives of Playboy playmates. Although she always felt that her 34A boobs were disproportioned to her body, she didn’t think much of it until she started dating Hugh Hefner! She then decided to get a boob job and settled on a bustling 34D. She has since said that she feels better about herself, but that cosmetic surgery should never be the solution to dealing  with your insecurities.

#8 Tara Reid - $9,500

If there’s one thing that Tara Reid’s boob job has taught us is that you should never ever trust someone without doing research on them. Tara Reid always had slightly uneven boobs, and in 2004 she decided to even her 34B boobs out. She asked for big B cup boobs, but after leaving the clinic realized that she had ended up with big C cups. What’s more though, is that there were bumps around her nipples, and although her doctor reassured her that that was perfectly normal, six months in, her boobs were in such a terrible state that she had to get another surgery to fix them.

#7 Salma Hayek - $10,000

Though you may have a hard time believing it, Salma Hayek used to be a small boobs kind of girl. Although all the A cup size girls will roll their eyes at Salma, she used to believe that her small C cup size wasn’t enough to get where she wanted. As she grew more famous in Hollywood she decided to enhance her chest area and is now a perky DD cup size.

#6 Carmen Electra - $10,000

One of the most beautiful celebrities, Carmen Electra figured out early on that it takes curves to become one of the world’s leading models. In order to enhance her cleavage, Carmen Electra spent a whopping $10,000 to go from a 32B to a 32DD.

#5 Nicole Kidman - $15,000

There was a time when Nicole Kidman was considered the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. Years and plenty of surgeries later she is no longer considered as the embodiment of Hollywood beauty, but her breast enhancement surgery back in 2009 was definitely one of her most successful ones.

#4 Kate Hudson - $15,000

Unless you’re a Kate Hudson diehard, there’s a good chance that you won’t know that the actress has had a boob job. Originally a 32A cup size, Kate Hudson now proudly bears a 32B cup size. It goes without saying that we love how Kate decided to keep it natural and didn’t increase her boobs so much that she’d be unrecognizable.

#3 Denise Richards - $25,000

Belle Denise Richards was never one to shy away from talking about her boobs. Back when she 19 Denise decided that her small boobs did not reflect the stardom she wanted to reach and so she decided to increase them. Years later, Denise decided that she regretted her decision and decided to undergo surgery again to reduce her implants. Today, $25,000 she is happy with her 34C boobs.

#2 Heidi Montag - $30,000

Back in 2009, The Hills star Heidi Montag decided that her tiny A cup size boobs did not satisfy her, she underwent breast augmentation surgery and went to a DDD cup size. A couple of years later she decided that it might have been too hasty a decision and reduced her implants. $30,000 later she is happy with her D cup size boobs.

#1 Pamela Anderson - $35,000

There’s a good chance that the first person that comes to your mind when talking about boob jobs is Pamela Anderson, and with good reason since she is considered as the person who kick-started this Hollywood trend. The first time Pamela Anderson decided to have surgery on her breasts was back in 1990, her boobs quickly helped her rise to fame, but in 1999 Pamela decided that her big boobs were too much to bear and decided to reduce her implants. Then in 2004 she decided that big boobs weren’t so bad after all and underwent surgery again.

So who do you think got their money's worth? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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