The Stunning Anti-Terrorist

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posted on May. 31, 2016
by Rick Fo

Yep you read that right and yes I agree, terrorism is never sexy, fighting it though is another story…Meet the blonde bombshell which is the real world’s answer to Black Widow.

Meet Joanna Palani, a stunning 22 year old that graduated college and instead of printing out millions of resumes and going to millions of interviews she decided to leave her native Denmark and go to Syria via Iraq, because why go directly to a war-zone when you can go through a second war-zone? If you think it was all platinum dye jobs and gel nails on the frontline you be disgustingly (and sexist-ly) wrong. The first night Joanna was on the frontline her comrade was shot dead by a sniper that saw the glowing ember of his cigarette. She held the dying Swedish soldier as he bled onto her brand new uniform.    

Afterwards her career with the Peshmerga (military body of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan) took off, she was admired by her male counter-parts for her bravery and she was loved by the women she trained. Unfortunately her rising career was cut short when Denmark revoked her ability to leave the country. She currently remains in Denmark but wants to return to the frontlines.


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