The Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank

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posted on Aug. 19, 2016
by Rick Fo

Would you like a luxury car but at the same time you want a vehicle that you can use during the collapse of society? Then the Ripsaw EV2 will be perfect.

The Ripsaw EV2 Tank is completely bespoke custom vehicle that is both street legal and off-road capable.

It even costs a little less than 300 thousand dollars. If you have ever dreamed of being Batman, this is probably the closest real-life vehicle you can get to the Tumbler.

The tank has a 300 mile per tank range, even though it features and impressively over powered sixty six litre Duramax diesel engine that outputs and impressive 600hp. Although it might be a beast, its dressed in a tuxedo. The interior is completely decked out with leather seats (only two of them because three is a crowd), an instrument cluster and centre console that would make Batman drool, heat, air-conditioning and high end sound system. Oh, I forget to mention the gull-wing doors that flip straight up.

The base which the world’s only tracked luxury vehicle is built on, the Ripsaw was intended as a blisteringly fast military vehicle. The company saw the gaping hole in the luxury automotive industry for luxury tanks that go dangerously fast and developed the Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank.

This unique vehicle was produced by brothers Geoff and Michael Howe for their company Howe and Howe Technology. The dastardly duo have an entire range of seemingly insane automobiles including the Ripchair which is an tracked off-road wheelchair.

And remote controlled (or autonomous) mini gun totting robot the RS1-GR1 Gremlin

Don’t forget the Scorpion, its bigger badder brother

It’s not all diesel engines, luxury tanks and destruction at Howe and Howe though the company also makes a few robotic fire fighting land drones including the Thermite and the Bulldog.


The Bulldog even features two smaller drones which can be used for search and rescue.

This is the last one I swear, the SwatBot robotic ballistic shield.

The company also makes what they call the Badger, basically a one person armour-plated tank that can help people both escape and break into building and structures.


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