The Personal Water Missile

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posted on Sep. 24, 2016
by Rick Fo

There is so long you can spend on the beach, or on your yacht, at some point even the coolest Champaign get boring. Well then ride this water missile.

OK so maybe I was exaggerating when I said water-missile but tell me what you would call a personal water-craft that propels you through the water at 20 kmh as you hold on for dear life. The Seabob F5S basically has you lay belly down on a jet ski engine with just a thin layer of fiberglass between you and the subsonic spinning blades of a turbine. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Oh just so it is really dangerous, it doesn’t use conventional internal combustion malarkey, but high capacity electric power to make you scream over the waves.

The Seabob, will only put back about 10,000 dollars, but you might also want to purchase the quick charger that will cost you an additional 1,680 dollars. It comes with many other high price accessories also! Purchase the 285 dollar bag for relatively easy carrying considering it weighs 77 lbs., a 238 dollar wall or floor rack when you aren’t using it, 378 dollar weights so you can use it scuba diving, but best off all purchase the cart which will allow you to roll it around, since its too heavy to carry in the 300 dollar bag you just bought. Oh and the cart will cost you about 468 dollars too.




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