The Most Expensive Panties in the World

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posted on Aug. 29, 2016

Do you want to know the most expensive piece of underwear in the world? Would you ever guess it is a chastity belt? Yes! It even has its own lock and key.

Well, we have talked about the three most expensive bras in the world but in order to complete our most expensive lists of lingerie we also have to talk about panties. Because you wouldn’t wear a bra without panties- at least most of you, anyway.

Naturally, female underwear and lingerie are much more expensive than men’s but would you expect thousands of dollars for a piece of clothing that is usually worn under your clothes?

So, when thinking about the most expensive panties the first thoughts that come to mind are lace underwear, with diamonds and jewels, right? But what if I were to tell you that the most expensive panties in the world is actually a chastity belt?

Yes, a chastity belt. The ones women used to wear in the Renaissance era to protect them and keep them faithful by locking their privates with a lock and key.

Are you curious now? This is the most expensive piece of underwear in the world.

Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt- $20,000

In 2002, Uwe Koetter, a South African goldsmith and jeweler created this $20,000 chastity belt made out of pearls, gold and diamonds in 2002 for a private British client from Cape Town. What we are guessing is that the “private client” was a male because, which woman would ever buy this thing for herself? But no one can ever be sure…

The chastity belt was famous especially during the Renaissance era so it may be a little bit outdated for the 21st century but I guess it is also vintage? At least this one won’t cause any problems; the original iron belts were very prone to problems. If the woman didn’t wear appropriate cloth between herself and the metal frame of the chastity belt she could easily get poisoned and in some cases dead.

So, this may be a bit pricey but at least it is safe. And it definitely is a great conversation starter.

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