The Most Expensive Movie Props Sold Last Year

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posted on Sep. 13, 2016
by Rick Fo

What says excess better than Hollywood? Young beautiful people, running around doing drugs and spending like crazy. Well, at least they cans sell these.

People admire celebrities like gods and much like any church Hollywood has its own relics and holy artefacts. The difference between various religions’ artefacts and Hollywood’s is that Hollywood’s are worth their weight in gold.

Here are some of last year’s most expensively sold Movie props.

1989 Batman’s Insert Batmobile Cockpit - $49,995

Just five dollars shy of an even $50.000, this specially made batmobile cockpit was requested by the legendary director Tim Burton to facilitate scenes that were supposed to be filmed with in the Batmobile. The mock cockpit is movie complete with all the buttons, knobs and screens. Also it is from the best Batman movie of the series.

The Black Swan’s Chandeliers -$18,995

Honestly it’s a little sad when the movie prop that sells for thousands of dollars is nothing more than a light fixture. On the other hand it’s an Aronofsky film so the only other props are broken dreams and prop drugs.

Gremlins 2 “Hero” Melting Gremlin Puppet - $12, 495

Usually during the production of movies there are various version of the same prop. Some are made of hard plastic to stay rigid, others are soft so they can be tossed around without the fear of someone getting hurt. Usually these props are details very minimally because the camera will never really get a tight shot of them. Hero props on the other hand are tediously detailed props which are made for close up shots, or shots that will move around the prop. Usually Hero props are the most sought after ones, because of this high level of detail.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Original Asterius Minotaur Costume – $12,495

This is yet another Hero prop from the widely successful Chronicles of Narnia movie series. This costume also has the unique distinction of being the only one with an animatronic head, for facial expression made for the movie. The specific prop sells with a very attractive display base, with the name of the movie that lights up.

I Robot Light Up NS5 Hero Prop - $9,319

I Robot was a forgettable for the most part movie about a future policeman which questions his humanity while chasing down a sentient robot, and no I am not describing Blade Runner. This prop was used during the fight scene so it is a bit damaged but the integrated electronics which light up the NS5’s chest still work beautifully.  


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