The Most Exclusive Alcoholic Beverages In The World

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posted on Jun. 27, 2016
by Rick Fo

Luxury demands a refined pallette, one spoiled by the finest truffles, most exquisite champagnes and the richest most elusive caviars.

But who can have opulent meal after opulent meal with a post force-fed duck liver and without a nice stiff drink? What accompanies a short yacht trip around the Mediterranean better than a bottle of fine liquor? I’d argue nothing but the company of your favorite…or favorite persons. So let’s take a look at these luxurious, stunningly expensive, after hours treats.

Diamond Jubilee - $165.000

This appropriately diamond shaped bottle was made to commemorate the Queen’s 60th year of sitting on the throne…yes, she gets up off the throne, it’s a saying. Can you imagine how numb her bum would be if she sat continuously for 60 years on her throne…this exquisite elixir was create by going back to the company’s barrels used for aging to 1952 and chose from the entire years production, the best one. The result is a drink that would make even the most amazing palette groan in ecstasy and make even the most jade scotch drinker smile. The bottle is hand crafted out of crystal, is studded by a half carat diamond and is decorate in English silver.

Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition - $165.000

Remy Martin is known to be a producer of luxury potables, but none more luxurious than its Black Pearl cognac. Made in honor of the company’s 40th anniversary using eau de vies that was in some cases over 100 years old, the resulting cognac that will take you on journey of aromatic notes, complex flavors and even textures. The bottle was crafted with the same traditional technics as the original Remy Martin bottles were to add another layer of tradition and love.

Penfolds Ampoule - $170.000

Look at the stunning long smooth surface of the bottle. Admire its high design and aesthetic value…appreciate how Freudian it is. Also it’s about as asinine as money can buy, because once you decide to drink the hermetically sealed in glass wine, you will never be able to close it again…and it will destroy the vessel. To open the wine “bottle” a certified technician sent by the winery must come to your house and crack it open…and then you have to drink the entire thing because the bottle is broken and can never be sealed again.

Armand de Brignac Midas - $215.000

Usually when you ask a pleb to list an expensive alcoholic beverage, they will usually put “Champagne” at the top of the list. Well in this case it would actually be correct…even though it has the smell of pleb all over it since the company was bought by Jay-Z and the bottle was design by Flavor Flav…when he was 14.

Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle by Tequila Ley – $3 million

I know that was quite the jump…but I had to wrap this up eventually…I’m getting pretty thirsty. If you want to drink like a South American drug lord than look no further than the fire water enclosed in this platinum and white gold bottle that is drenched in 6.400 diamonds. Even though you can afford a gold toilet doesn’t mean that you won’t be bowing to the porcelain god once you drink this excessively expensive stomach turner.  

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