The Magic Maker: J.K. Rowling’s Success Story

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posted on Aug. 19, 2016
by Rick Fo

From being on welfare to being one of the wealthiest authors in history J.K. Rowling is a inspiring success story.  Here the Harry Potter author's story.

Harry Potter is the story about the orphan boy that is invited to study at a school for young wizards. The story is thoughtful, humorous and imaginative that resulted in its runaway success. Joanne Rowling (J.K. Rowling was her pen name) is one of the first self-made billionaire author in history. Her success seems ripped from the pages of a Hollywood script. A single mother on welfare benefits writes a book that makes her a billionaire. How did she do it? This is how.

It Took Five Years

The first book of the series took a total of five years to finish and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing when it was. She changed countries, married, had her daughter, divorced and lost her mother before the book was published. The first Harry Potter novel was rejected multiple times and shopped around to publishers for six months. Finally it was picked up by Bloomsbury, but even then her publisher Barry Cunningham told Rowling to find a day job.

The First Pay check

Rowling’s first pay check from publishing house Bloomsbury was a meagre £4000. For someone that was struggling to make ends meet £4000 can go a long way, but once the book rights went on auction across the pond in the U.S. it sold for an astounding £105,000. The entire series today is worth 15 billion dollars.

The Chore

Between the fourth and fifth book of the series it took Rowling three years to complete. The reason she later revealed was because the book had become a chore. None the less she finished it, and it also broke its predecessors sales record, like every other book in the series.

Last Chapter

The very last chapter of the very last book was written ten years before and according to the Author was one of the first things she penned. The films based on the books went on to be a resounding success and the franchise that J.K. Rowling created through trials and many tribulations has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon.

After Potter

Although Rowling never really abandoned the series, even after the books had culminated, she continued to develop the Harry Potter universe on a site called Pottermore the landing page is a wonderful magical mist filled screen where you can further travel into the world of wizards, muggles and magic. You can even take a quiz that will show you which Hogwarts house you’d belong in.

Harry Potter The Cursed Child

The final part of the mythos was presented initially as a play and later as a book, nine years after the release of the last book. It shows Harry as an overworked ministry of magic employee fifteen years after the events of the last book.

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