The Elementary School Kid That Hacked Instagram

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posted on May. 09, 2016
by Rick Fo

Yes the recent Instagram hack was enacted by someone in elementary school now he's found even more vulnerabilities. So how he find these security problems?

Yes, if you thought your kid is special then you might be special too (and it’s not the good type I’m talking about here)…compared to Jani the Finnish boy that found a bug on Instagram and actually got paid 10,000 dollars for doing so, which in 10 year old money is the 10 kaggilion moneys your child is probably less than remarkable. The irony of the entire situation is that Jani isn’t even old enough to have an Instagram account since you need to be at least 13. Jani said he intends on using the money to by a bicycle, a football and computers for his brothers, what you thought a ten year old would save it for college?


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