The Big Business of Haunted Items

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posted on Sep. 22, 2016
by Rick Fo

Haunted items can give you nightmares, be the source of strange happenings and in extreme scary cases, injure you. Beyond that it can even make you money.

There is a slew of paranormal programs, blogs and amateur ghost hunting groups, the problem is other than the paranormal programs, those businesses aren’t exactly profitable. There is a way you can make astonishing amounts of money though, if you are obsessed both with money and the occult.

On most e-commerce websites that sell used or antique items have a small section dedicated to the strange and mysterious. These objects can include your usual cabinet of curiosity fare; such as shrunken heads, newt eyes and ashes from cemetery willow tree. There is another type though, a much more sinister set of items that can affect you and yours on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level and if you happen to have some of these items, then you can make  


Haunted Doll Demon Possession

Yes, you read that correctly the “Miss Poppy” doll in this person’s possession (sorry about the pun) is in fact the host of a murderous demon. The owner tried to have a conversation with the spirit that inhabited the doll using an electromagnetic detecting device, but after 30-40 minutes, it stopped responding and the owner started feeling adverse health effects, like facial numbing and migraines. For just $400 you can experience these adverse effects too!

The Unstable Undertaker’s Spectacles

For $200 you can purchase these glasses that date to 1700s and belonged to a deranged undertaker. Apparently during the preparation of the dead bodies he tended, this undertaker would remove the eye-lids so the dead could never find rest. Now the glasses are not only possessed by the spirit of this sadistic undertaker but plagued by the dead victims that seek justice and rest. If all else fails and it isn’t possessed, haunted or host to a demon, the frames are made of 16k gold, so at least you’ll get something.

Exorcism – Ghostbusting

Once you purchase your damned collectable the need for someone to stop make your walls bleed might arise. Well for a very reasonable $2.277.77 the people in the listing above will use white magic to rid you of what might  ail you!

Voodoo Kit

I really can’t comment on the validity of this $999 Voodoo kit, I mean honestly it looks like the buyer just went to a flea market, bought three random things including a camel candle holder, a jade Buddha statue and a skull ring and then put it on eBay for a ridiculous amount of money.

Haunted Doll – Paranormal Vessel


So the doll that is being sold in the above action come with the hefty price tag of $2.400, and according to the owner has moved on its own accord at various points in time. The seller even reports that the doll winked at her as she held it. As is expected the seller takes no responsibility as to what might happen when the buyer puts the “Bessie” doll in their home. Caveat emptor.

Ancient Kaltaillo Cat Idol

OK people will buy anything, including this cat idol that looks more like a bowel movement than a cat. It also is apparently something used by Mulagian Sages in ancient rituals, so are not only purchasing an ugly ceramic cat-like abortion you are also purchasing an ancient relic. That kind of power is a bargain at $800.

Voodoo Totem



This terrifying little piece of history was allegedly found and recover from Vietnam during the second World War. It features a grotesque mix of both reptiles and bird parts with a metal ram at the top. Not sure what its use is, but it looks terrifying which usually means its evil.

Voodoo Weight Loss

No this isn’t the latest diet or exercise craze, its an actual voodoo spell to help you lose weight. The seller advertises this as New You Weight Loss Voodoo Doll Hand Crafted Ritual Poppet. The rest of the product description reads like a corny late-night infomercial.







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