The Best Vindaloo In London: NoorJahan II

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posted on Dec. 21, 2016
by Rick Fo

I know that this a controversial topic and will probably incite discourse and rioting in the streets. This article isn’t targeted to the Londoner though, everyone has their favorite curry shops and have a religious loyalty to it. This is intended to be read by the uninitiated, the slack-jawed foreigner that will listlessly roam the street of London looking for a bite to eat. Oh, I’m sorry dear reader didn’t mean to offend you in the first paragraph of my article. If you keep reading though, I will more than make it worth your while. Oh and just in-case you doubt the sheer dedication Londoners have for their vindaloo, there’s an entire song dedicated to it and if the song is to be believed, Brits walk around with a dedicated vindaloo bucket.

So let’s drop the gavel on this contested subject, which curry shop serves the (hottest) and most mind-blowing vindaloo? Let’s take a look.

Why Vindaloo?

You might be perplexed as to why a quintessentially Indian dish is so popular in the Land of Big Ben. If you know just a touch of history, then you are familiar with the fact that India until quite recently was a British Colony, and many Britons lived on the sub-continent. If you don’t know a touch of history consider yourself learned (I know its “taught” but that is my attempt at comedy). Well many of the colonist upon returning back to the Great Isle would prepare curry in their homes and then cafes started serving it along side such other joyful British treats like eel-pies and Sheeps Trotters! If you don’t know what that last food item is it’s because it really shouldn’t be considered food really: sheep feet. Although curry’s popularity ebbed and peaked throughout the years, today the it enjoys practically national food like status.

NoorJahan II

According to patron-reviewers, NoorJahan II consistently rates in the top five Indian restaurants in London. This is according to the reviewers, it combines value for money, quality and of course taste. There are fancier curry shops and cheaper ones, but NoorJahan II is a great intersection of all those requirements. The restaurant specializes in Northern Indian cuisine but of course features Anglicized staples such as chicken tikki masala and vindaloo. It also features a bountiful menu with both very traditional Indian dishes, like tandoori cooked meats and vegetarian options.

Pub-Style Chicken Curry

Like I said before, curry has been adapted and adopted in many different contexts from homes, to cafes and of course pubs. The last context in fact create its own type of curry, the pub-style chicken curry. A highly reviewed pub, with an impressive array of Asian and Asian-inspired dishes is the Warwick Arms, because honestly there are few things in the world that pair so beautifully as spicy foods and beer, also the alcohol will slightly dull the pain.



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