The Atmospheric Rodin Museum in Paris

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posted on Oct. 24, 2016

Visiting Paris? Have you considered including the Rodin Museum in your itinerary? Here’s why you should include it!  Learn about this stunning museum!

If you are visiting Paris, you won’t be short of museums and galleries, but if you are looking for a unique cultural experience then you needn’t look further than the Rodin Museum in Paris.

Auguste Rodin has often been called the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo as his art evokes deep emotion in anyone who happens to stumble upon it. Luckily for all of us, Rodin’s art is not locked away in a museum with thousands of other exhibits; instead, it can be found in a chateau in the heart of Paris making it easier to take in the greatness of Rodin’s art.

The Museum

The chateau is situated in a park and the collection pours out into the gardens as well. This chateau has a long history; it was originally a royal palace but was later used as the Russian Embassy’s seat in Paris. It then housed a Catholic order but was later taken from the church by the French government. In 1908 Rodin started renting some rooms in the chateau which he used as his studio. He eventually took over the entire building which he used both as his studio and his gallery.

At the time Rodin was at the peak of his fame and he would meet with art lovers and patrons in the gardens of the chateau and talk about the future of art in the midst of its atmospheric park.

Rodin remained at the chateau until his death. He had left his collection, including sculptures, drawings and reproduction rights to the government which meant that opening a museum in the chateau was relatively easy and so in 1919 the museum was inaugurated.

It became one of the most beloved spaces of modern art across France and it remained so for over a century when it had to be closed down for restoration. It remained closed for three years and it reopened in 2015. The renovation works have been very subtle and have merely helped in making this stunning building more reminiscent of its glorious past.

The Collection

Walking in and out of this museum will make you fall in love with Rodin. The museum is so beautifully set up that it will even make you forget that Rodin was once harshly criticised for his art.

The museum houses Rodin’s massive collection including his own paintings; he considered being a painter at the beginning of his career. You will also get a chance to see his personal collection of paintings which include Monets and Van Goghs.

As far as his sculptures go, all the masterpieces are here; The Thinker and the Gates of Hell are strategically placed in the gardens, while you can also see The Kiss and the Burghers of Calais. You’ll also get to see all the stages Rodin went through to create these masterpieces and you can also see his studio which has been kept intact.

Getting There

Admissions to the museum are daily except Mondays. Tickets cost €10 and you can get there by metro (Stops: Varenne or Invalide).

You can visit the museum’s website for more information.

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