The 5 Craziest Toys On Hammacher Schlemmer

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posted on Sep. 30, 2016
by Rick Fo

If you are unfamiliar with the company Hammacher Schlemmer, it’s a mail-order company that sell to the nouveau riche. Their toys are expensive, but these are insane.

So Hammacher Schlemmer boast being the oldest catalogue based retailer in the world and they have always been known to cater to a slightly more affluent sect of the population. Let’s take a look.

$395,000 Heli-cycle

 This exercise in insanity comes courtesy of the Dutch (of course with all those magic mushrooms someone was bound to do something this stupid). As you can see from the video this is essentially a closed cabin super-bike with helicopter blades attached to it and it cost almost 400,000 dollars, because nothing says I’m disgustingly rich by flying over all the poor people.

$7,000 Olympic Ceremony Monowheel

Four wheels are safer than two but two are more exciting. Two wheels are safer than one wheel but…let’s be honest one wheel is just a serious injury away from insane. The Olympic Ceremony Wheel also feature colour changing LEDs so you can go to ER room in style and with just enough pizzazz. Who knew that a broken neck would only cost you $7,000.

$2,000,000 Submarine Sports Car

Just when you thought that your money couldn’t buy you the chance to play James Bond because you are to doughy, Rinspeed comes and creates a 2 mil dollar sports car…that goes underwater. Complete with breathing apparatus and laser guided…yes, laser guided autonomous driving. The interior is completely protected against the effects of both fresh and salt water. Not bad for 2 million dollar car.

$125,000 Mini Monster Truck

Is your kid so spoiled that even a room full of video game consoles and 80 inch TVs make them vomit and squeal in disappointment? Well, then get them this mini monster truck that cost as much as a brand new sports car, not the submarine sports car a non-submersible type. This toy is no joke either, it features a four cylinder Ford engine…and a nitrous system…yes, a nitrous system. You know what just get them the RPG that they’ve been whining for, for the past three years since they play Modern Warfare, it’ll probably be safer…and cheaper depending if you have a guy or not. Who are we kidding of course you have a guy you rich stinker.

$185,000 Realistic Racing Simulator

Why buy a real sports car when you can shell out $185,000 to buy a fake one? No it’s a serious question, what is wrong with people? Well anyway, this beauty of machine features, the ability to rotate you 360 degrees at 0.5G, which perfectly replicates *according to the company selling it, taking a turn at 200 mph. Seems like fun, but you know what seems like more fun? A Lamborghini, a Ferrari or an Austin Martin…



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