The 15 Best Beauty Products That All Successful Women Should Own

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posted on Jul. 10, 2016

Successful women who respect themselves and want to look great should own some of the best beauty products out there. Do you own any of these products?

If you’re a woman who’s on her way to achieve success it’s important that you look the part as well. And this essentially means that you should look and feel beautiful. In order to look beautiful throughout the day; whether you have a meeting with your boss, a client or your SO, it’s essential that you own some of the best beauty products in the world.

Successful women know that when it comes to great beauty products the price tag shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how expensive a lipstick is, if you want it to last you through the day then you’re going to need a very expensive one.

And it’s exactly because successful women require beauty products they can rely on that they know they need to be wise when purchasing makeup things. The best beauty products in the world might not be for every pocket, but they are definitely a perfect fit for those successful women who want their makeup to be impeccable and reflect their success.


When it comes to mascara you want something that will make your eyes pop. A great mascara will help you achieve success as it will make it impossible for anyone to tell you no. So when you’re purchasing mascara you want to go for the expensive brands that will ensure this result.


Lancome produces some of the best beauty products in the world and it’s so trustworthy that you often can’t go wrong with a Lancome product even if it’s not the most expensive of brands.

This spectacular mascara is often used by many make-up artists on celebrities and with good reason as it multiplies, extends and separates lashes instantly.

What’s special about this mascara is that it comes with a vibrating brush that delivers 7,000 oscillations per minute.


This incredible mascara is worth every penny spent on it as it will leave you looking awesome AF. Your eyes will pop and your lashes will elongate with a single brush. What’s best about this rather expensive beauty product is that it does not leave behind any clumps.

If you happen to have short lashes, or even if your lashes are a bit light, you will absolutely love this mascara as it will give you a complete make-over.


Harpers Bazaar has named this mascara as the best mascara of all of time and as considering that 87 percent of the women who’ve used this beauty product say that it gives a long lasting curl, it looks like Harpers Bazaar may be right.

This beautifully packaged mascara lengthens, tints and volumizes lashes all at once. It’s definitely one of the best beauty products out there.

Airbrush MakeUp Kit

One of the best beauty products in the cosmetics industry at the moment is an airbrush makeup kit. Although you may think that you don’t want to be bothered with holding a gun to your face releasing foundation on a daily basis you should know that an airbrush makeup helps spread out makeup evenly, which makes your face feel lighter.

#4 Dinair Airbrush Personal Pro Makeup Kit

One of the best airbursh makeup kits in the market is the Dinair Airbursh Personal Pro Makeup Kit. Both beginners and professionals adore this makeup kit and women who use it say that it’s one of the best beauty products out there that will give you that ever sought-after flawless look.


If there’s one thing all successful women love that’s a long-lasting, quality lipstick as it’s the one beauty product that can help you achieve success hands down. What’s tricky with lipsticks though is that even if you buy one of the expensive brands lipstick, it’s not guaranteed to yield results.


The reason why this lipstick is so great is because it provides durable hydration and protection for your lips. Packed with vitamins, this lipstick is available in a range of colours with different effects (such as pearly, iridescent, satiny etc.).


This gorgeous lipstick comes in luxury packaging which makes it even more beautiful. Guerlain is one of the most expensive brands in the cosmetics industry, but this lipstick is so pretty that you will not regret spending your money on it for sure.

This lipstick is priced at 62,000 and although that may seem extravagant to most, all successful women know that they should be seen applying something exclusive as this if they want to achieve success.


H. Couture is one of the most expensive brands out there, if not the most expensive cosmetics brand in the world.

This lipstick costs up to $14 million, but as it comes with a smudge proof mascara it might be worth the investment. The packaging is embellished with diamonds and gold and it’s definitely one of the best beauty products in the world.


It takes a steady hand and skilful eye to make the most of an eyeliner but if you have both then you must know that a woman who can apply a perfect coat of eyeliner will stop at nothing. The reason why successful women love a good eyeliner so much is because it can change a woman’s look so much that it might even help her achieve success under the most dire of situations.


If you don’t feel that comfortable playing with colour in your makeup then this is the eyeliner you should definitely try. This pencil comes in a deep navy blue that will highlight your eyes in the most fashionable way possible.


What’s special about this little black eyeliner is that it’s basically three in one. It features a thin tip, a fine tip and a super fine tip so it will help you make the most of it without needing to have too many beauty products in your makeup bag.

MakeUp Brushes

If there’s one thing that we all tend to overlook when it comes to beauty products it’s the brush we’re going to use to apply our makeup. However a makeup brush can make or break a look and this is essentially why you need to invest in your makeup brushes.


These gorgeous baby pink brushes will help you achieve the look you’re going for in no time. The brushes come in a beautiful bag which holds 5 brushes. From an eyebrow brush to a foundation brush, these are basically everything you need to perfect your look.


Bobbi Brown offers some of the best brushes in the beauty products industry and this set of brushes is bound to make you feel like you can achieve success. It can be used by beginners in makeup and professionals alike and although this is one of the most expensive brands for these type of products it’s well worth its money.


It would all be for nothing though if your skin wasn’t properly hydrated and this what a good moisturizer does.


This extremely expensive moisturizer is worth every penny you’re going to spend on it. It relies heavily on an extract from the orchid and it promises to address all signs of age and transform the skin.


Orlane’s secret ingredient is none other than gold which is one of the most popular skin rejuvenator ingredients in the world. This moisturizer prides itself for its antioxidant and skin-firming properties.


This moisturizer prized at $1000 is one of the most expensive beauty products of the world, but as it contains the most precious metal on earth, it claims to renew the skin in an instant and to offer endless radiance.


This very effective moisturizer relies heavily Vitamin A and it also contains a vegetal extract rich in ursolic acid. Sisley promotes this cream to those who are over 30 and are looking for a stress relief and are in need of free-radical protection.

Have you ever used any of these products? Let us know if you’d be interested to buy any of these 15 best beauty products that will help you slay the success game.

Dinair Airbrush Personal Pro Makeup Kit

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