The $10,000 Hasselblad Camera

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posted on Aug. 26, 2016
by Rick Fo

Hasselblad's are the epitome of high end camera equipment. They are also one of the only cameras to go to the moon. But why does it have a 10K price tag?

Basically it carries a $10,000 price tag, because it’s a Hasselblad, which is a company that produces extremely high end camera equipment. Not without its fair share of controversy though. Many of Hasselblad’s cameras, unfortunately including the Lunar Limited Edition which is the camera in question, are rebranded mirrorless Sony Cameras.  Just to add insult to luxury injury, the Sony Cameras that are rebranded to Hasselblad sell for a fraction, thousands of dollars less than their luxury equivalent.

Are getting what you pay for? Relatively, you are purchasing a camera with thoroughbred pedigree, wrapped in high value luxury materials, with the high quality customer service that characterizes a luxury brand. Also you are purchasing a camera with infinitely higher resell value than just a lowly Sony.

The combination of the luxury materials used, in combination with the prestige the company’s name carries makes it a future collectors’ items, but let’s talk about the camera.

The Hasselblad Lunar Limited edition was produced in a limited series of just 200 cameras. It features a red Tuscan leather trigger handle, a titanium body and matte gold top. It also features an elegant black leather shoulder strap with red stitching. Of course it also has a ruby encrusted video button, which you can press to capture full high definition 1080p video.

Here are some of the specs:

APS-C Format

24 Megapixels

CMOS Sensor 23.5 x 15.6mm

Dust Reduction System

3 inch tillable display

Shutter speed between 30 and 1/4000 of a second


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