Suri Cruise Just Celebrated Her 10th Birthday With a Courtyard Luncheon!

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posted on Apr. 20, 2016

I’m sure you know  by now that Suri Cruise is a bigger fashionista than you’ll ever be. The kid’s obviously got style and sophistication and she’s only just completed the first decade of her life.

And as you’d expect, Suri had a more sophisticated birthday celebration than you’ll ever have, even if you live to be 100 years old and even if you stop thinking that tequila shots is an appropriate birthday celebration drink.

Suri hosted a courtyard luncheon in Central Park and rumour has it that everything was as tasteful as the fashion icon herself. And because other kids would have gotten in the way, Suri only extended an invitation to intimate friends of hers: her mother, her maternal grandparents and two close friends.

‘Happy Birthday’ was not sung and there were no birthday cake candles to be blown as there was no birthday cake to start with. I assume a birthday cake would have been the sort of cliché Suri hates so Suri opted for cookies which she had on the go because she had already graced the restaurant with her presence for way too long.


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