Success Stories: The Richest Living Artist

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posted on Aug. 23, 2016

A true success story Damien Hirst is a very rich man who has broken the pauper artist stereotype by making millions. Here is Damien Hirst’s success story.

Like most self-made success stories, Damien Hirst did not grow up in riches. In fact, he came from a humble background and although he may now be the richest living artist who leads a true luxury lifestyle, things have not always been so for him.

Hirst was always a rebellious spirit who refused to conform and in fact this led to many arguments with his mother, while it also led him to fail at pretty much everything at school. His art teacher had to beg in order for Hirst to be allowed to enter the six form, and even though he was always good in art, he achieved a spectacular E on his A levels.

However, his talent was obvious right from the start and like a true artist he used his experiences in life to draw inspiration from. For example, at some point he worked in a mortuary which affected his work later on, as death is constant in his art.

As a young artist, Hirst would showcase his art in warehouse shows and his talent was quickly discovered by big names in the art industry. He was soon given funds to create whatever it is that he wanted and allowing his imagination to run wild, Hirst created some true masterpieces of contemporary art.

Today, this success story has made it big by becoming one of the most influential names in the art industry. However he has now become much more than an artist. He is also an entrepreneur and an art collector who is internationally renowned.

With a net worth of £215 million, his is one of the richest people in the art industry, and he is the richest living artist. In 2008, Hirst made an unprecedented move in the art industry by selling a complete show ‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’ at Sothebys by auction while bypassing his long standing galleries. Although this move was frowned upon, the show exceeded expectations and raised £111 million, breaking the record for a one-artist show.

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