Spray Foam Insulation for Beginners

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posted on Nov. 24, 2016
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A lot of people today start home renovation projects and so try to insulate their houses not only from sound and mold but also from ay harmful air and water influence. Exactly because of this we decided to create this article explaining what foam sprayer is, why it is good for insulation and at the end you will find several words about spray foam insulation equipment and how to save on your project with using it.

Spray polyurethane foam is widely seen with the abbreviation SPF. This is a modern superior material that is frequently used for insulation purposes in residential, commercial and even industrial roofing projects. SPF is well-known as the most robust insulating material existing on the contemporary market.
Here we created a list of the main benefits that you get if using foam sprayer insulation for your home renovation project:

  • Air and moisture intrusion prevention
  • Improvement of occupant comfort
  • Lower energy bills
  • Stronger building envelope
  • Less amounts of dust, pollen, and bugs inside of the house
  • Ice dams protection
  • Improvement in the indoor air quality
  • Perfect cooperation with more efficient HVAC equipment

And no we will look close to the most important benefits of using spray foam in your home renovation project.

Spray Foam = Savings
When you enter home renovation idea you usually have to face a lot of wastes at each point of your project. If you want to insulate your house once and forever then there is no better way to do so than insulate it with the foam sprayer. SPF insulation significantly reduces your overall energy usage and consequently lowers your utility bills.

Spray Foam Prevents Air and Mold Infiltration
As you know, most houses are equipped with the fiberglass insulation but in fact it only staples or simply situates in the wall cavities and so does not actually seal the stud and wall cavities at all. It means that air infiltration can freely pass through such gaps. On the contrary, modern foam sprayers firmly adhere to the substrate on they are installed and so create a very tight seal and an insulating barrier which stop such air leakages.

As you know mold is one of the worst enemies of a house so when making a renovation project you need to make sure that you insulate the house from any mold and moisture possibilities. Modern foam sprayers are a great air and moisture barrier which provides homeowners with a healthy indoor environment.

And the last thing is about applying the foam. If you want to perform the whole project yourself, you will need special foam sprayer in order to do the job faster and with higher quality. If you check the prices, new equipment may cost you a fortune but if getting used spray foam insulation equipment and options that are for sale you can get great discounts and after the work is done actually sell it for almost the same price. In this way you do not waster money for nothing, because almost the whole sum will return back to you after the project is done.

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