She Cheated On You, Now What Do You Do?

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posted on Jun. 17, 2016
by Rick Fo

So she cheated on you. What do you do now? Do you break-up? Do you veng-f*ck her best friend? Or do you buy a new identity and move to a tropical paradise?

Well first be a bigger man, don’t veng-f*ck anything of hers…yes that includes her favorite stuffed animal…especially her favorite stuffed animal you sick f&ck. What you can do is this though:

Do You

Listen I can sit here and give you all the advice available on the internet, but the truth be told you need to figure out where you stand. Will you be able to trust her again? Is your love stronger than the festering resentment you feel towards her. It will take some significant soul searching and probably many a-night in a bar of ill-repute but eventually those answers will come to you.



Real life is nothing like a Hollywood movie…were the heart-broken protagonist rage-quits the relationship and finds true love three scenes later after he has completely given up on women. Real life is messy, complex filled with so many variables it would make a mathematician pop a boner. Why did she cheat on you? As the saying goes it takes two to tango, you might’ve been emotionally unavailable or the relationship might have reached its expiration date and this was just a sign of the times.


If you do choose to give her a second chance you need to consider that you will need to purge every memory of the event from the relationship’s memory. Why? Because if you use it as a bargaining chip, something you use when during an argument it will keep coming up making the relationship progressively more toxic, to the point where sooner or later the relationship will inevitably dissolve.  

what do you think?


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