Room With a View: 5 Hotel Suites With the Best Views in the World

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posted on Aug. 05, 2016

Luxury hotels are measured by the services they provide their guests, but without great views nothing else matters.These are the best suites with a view.

If you’ve ever stayed in one of these over-water luxury hotels you probably know that the best thing they offer is your proximity to the sea. No matter how soft the sheets on the bed are, or how large your private pool is, what matters most is that they enable you to practically live on water. And when finding your next luxury vacation spot you should always try and find places that are going to offer you the most of each place. For example, these spa resorts excel in providing you with a peaceful environment where you can relax and rest, but what happens when your luxury vacations take you away from peace and throw you in the jungle that are today’s world capitals?

Surely you won’t be able to find the kind of relaxing environment you’d get in a beach luxury resort in a city, but that doesn’t matter because that’s not what you should be looking for anyway. When visiting a city you visit its vibrant environment and landmarks and before you book a luxury hotel that costs a fortune make sure that you’ll be able to experience the vibe from your luxury hotel room as well.

So rather than searching for a hotel that features a Michelin-star restaurant or an award winning bar make sure that you look for a hotel that has commanding views. A room with a view is the most a luxury hotel can offer and if you want to get the real feel of a city you should ensure that you’ve booked the room with the best view.

The list below features the suites with the best views in the world and although there are definitely more luxury hotels all over the world, when you have the Eiffel Tower at your feet then you know that you’re in the suite with the best view in the world.

#1 La Suite Shangri-la, Paris

If this suite seems oddly familiar it’s probably because you’ve recently seen it make headlines when Beyonce and Blue Ivy stayed here. And if Beyonce and Blue Ivy picked it for their luxury vacation then you know that it’s definitely the suite with the best view of Paris.

Shangri-la is a luxury hotel in the heart of Paris and it’s synonymous to elegance. Once the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, Shagri-la has now been turned into one of the most luxurious places to be in Paris.

The old-world décor of this luxury hotel will take you back in time to a time when elegance and refinement where qualities one had to possess. Qualities that are still essential to have when you find yourself in Paris.

La Suite Shangri-la is by far the best room in the hotel. It’s located on the 7th floor and it offers 220 square meters of pure luxury. The suite has a private terrace that stretches for 100 square meters and it offers unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower. Of course the Eiffel Tower is not the only Parisian landmark you’ll be able to enjoy from this luxurious suite, you’ll also enjoy views of River Seine with its gorgeous bridges and the Grand Palais.

The luxury lifestyle that this suite offers is beyond comparison as it’s also been designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon. There’s also a separate living-room, dining table and pantry, as well as a marble-clad bathroom which features both a shower and a bathtub.

Prices for this room begin at $13,000 a night.

#2 Terraza Redentore, Venice

If you’ve always dreamt of a luxury vacation in Venice look no further than the Terraza Redentore suite in Venice. This stunning suite is located at the rooftop of the luxury hotel Gritti Palace and it’s one of the most unique luxury suites across the world.

Made up of two storeys, the suite features a gorgeous white internal stair that takes guests from the main apartment to the 250 square meter rooftop terrace.

The living room is decorated with frescos and the bedroom is decorated with precious fabrics of Lorenzo Rubelli’s design. But the living space is not the most luxurious feature of this suite; what’s actually of main interest here is the stunning rooftop terrace that features an intimate pool and overlooks the Grand Canal.

From this enormous terrace which is reserved for the residents of the room (you can also book it individually if you wish to host an event) you can admire the Venetian lagoon from San Giorgio Maggiore all the way to Campanille in St Marco’s square.

And not only with this suite dazzle you by day but it will take your breath away at night as well when the whole of Venice lights up and you discover that it’s indeed a floating city. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience this suite offers make sure that you book this luxury hotel room in July when there’s a firework display that makes Venice look even more beautiful.

Prices for this room start at $10,188 a night.

#3 Dome Penthouse, London

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel to experience London’s vibrant character there’s no better place to do than in Hotel Café Royal. Located on Regent Street, this luxury hotel is perfectly position within walking distance from anything that matters in London: theatreland, shopping streets and attractions. This glamorous hotel has taken care and sensitively restored the building where it’s located thus paying homage to the building’s historic past.

The hotel has many luxurious rooms and suites, including seven signature suites that are stunning to say the least. If you’re looking for the suite with the best views however you should definitely consider booking the Dome Penthouse suite as it will adorn your luxury vacation with style. The three bedroom suite offers a space of 291 square meters and it also features a large terrace with stunning views of London. From up there you can enjoy some of the most scenic views of London’s heart while it’s so close to the Houses of Parliament that it will have you thinking that the Big Ben is within your grasp.

Of course the scenic views are not the only thing that this hotel offers as the hotel aims to offer its Signature Suites guests with a luxury lifestyle beyond imagination. Staying in this suite comes with a complimentary access to the hotel’s Wellbeing Centre, a DJ booth in the suite and a personal butler service. The room also features separate living areas and a beautiful a marble bathroom.

#4 The Peninsula Suite, Hong Kong

Across the world from the three luxury hotels featured above, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong offers a suite that’s truly a palace inside a palace. With a space of almost 400 square meters you are advised to at least look at the floor plan before staying there just to ensure that you won’t get lost in this huge suite.

The Peninsula Suite sits on top of the Peninsula Tower and its double height living room with its floor to ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The suite also offers a spacious balcony that overlooks the harbour, as well as an exclusively landscaped terrace from where you can take in the post-modern beauty of this buzzling city. Situated on the 26th floor, this luxurious suite offers stunning views of Hong Kong’s skyline and if the modern world is your thing you’re definitely going to fall for this room.

The room offers plenty of amenities that are beyond luxurious, for example there’s a 10-seat dining room with an adjoining kitchen where you can host extravagant dinner parties and there’s even a cinema screening room where you can entertain your guests.   

#5 Pozharsky Royal Suite, Moscow

If there’s one city that oozes an aristocratic air it’s Moscow. And staying at the Pozharsky Royal Suite will make your stay in this gorgeous city an unforgettable experience.

Located on the seventh floor of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, this suite offers 520 square meters of space. There are three ensuite bedrooms and there’s even a powder room for guests. The luxurious suite also features a sleek bar and a show fireplace that are going to make your guests green with envy.

What truly sets this suite apart though is it’s spacious, furnished, private, 326 square meters terrace that offers unobstructed views of the Red Square, the Manezhnaya Square, the Alexandrovsky Gardens, the Kremlin and the colourful, iconic, onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Have you ever stayed in one of these luxury hotel rooms? If you haven’t which would you like to stay in? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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