Questions to Ask a Catering Company

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posted on Aug. 31, 2016
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Whether you are planning to hire catering services for your wedding or for a business meeting you need to always make a quick interview to clarify important issues. Make sure to ask questions from the list below and also add details that interest you personally.

Does the caterer have a license?

It is one of the most important questions that you need to ask. There may be thousands of catering services in Toronto but only 10 of them will have a license and this is whom you need to cooperate with. License is a sign of quality and reliability. Licensed catering services mean that this company meets local health department standards and also carries liability insurance. In case you need the caterer to serve alcohol at your party, make sure to verify its liquor license too.

Can the caterer provide references from previous clients?

This is a tricky question for a caterer. If your catering services provider has no problems with providing you references it means that this company has nothing to hide and is sure in the services provided. In case a manager refuses to provide you any references from their previous customers it means that there was something wrong and he or she does not want this problem to be obvious. So the tip here is not to cooperate with such companies.

Is your order the only one on the date chosen or the caterer has any other events?

It is advised to choose a date when you will be the only client of these Toronto catering services. It is important because in this way you can be sure that all attention will be rivet to only your event and consequently any problematic issues will be instantly solved. However, if you are cooperating with a giant catering company be ready that your order might not be unique so e ready for it.

Does the caterer have any specialization in cuisine? Does the company work with fresh or frozen food?

In terms of fresh or frozen food it is always advised to hire Toronto catering services serving fresh food because it has better taste and smell. Specialization is an important factor because if you are planning an Indian party then you need special dishes to be served and not just regular potatoes or roast beef. Make sure to discuss this issue before you proceed to paperwork and cost issues.

What is the average price and are there any package offers?

If you have limited budget you need to always ask about special offers and maybe even special dates when catering services in this particular Toronto company will cost less or if the caterer has package offers (such as two meals are paid plus one appetizer free).

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