Professional 3 GCB Great Empire Solid Gold Phone

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posted on Aug. 20, 2016
by Rick Fo

Only one of 99 made this unique phone is also wrapped in valuable 24k gold, meet the Professional 3 GCB Great Empire. A phone by the Mobiado Company. 

What says luxury better than the opulent palaces of the Russian Tsar, well the Professional 3 GCB Great Empire, by Mobiado tries to embrace that exact idea with its 24K gold phone, featuring the two headed eagle and emblem of the Russian empire.

The phone is made using exacting and precise methods borrowed from the aerospace industry and the high end watch industry. The company only allows a minimum of 0.001 mm margin of error.

Although it borrows its idea of over the top luxury from empires of the past, the phones insides are updated and cutting edge. It features dual sim capabilities, 3G, Wi-Fi (of course), a 2.4 inch display and a rear facing camera. You can even expand the memory with a MicroSD.

Everything you see on the outside of the phone is either gold or sapphire, down to the gold plated screws. This isn’t the first time Mobiado has created a luxury phone. Starting in 2004 with the first and only, at the time phone, made entirely out of aircraft grade aluminium, it then went on create one of the first exotic wood cell phones. Here is the company’s sapphire button phone.

Oh and this phone which feature a mechanical clock for some reason and too many diamonds.

The phones are designed by Peter Bonac, an engineering physics degree holder and who knows high design better than an engineer? You could purchase a cutting edge smart device, or you could get a video/photo capable smart phone with a 200x305 resolution screen for 14,000 dollars. The choice is yours (the choice to purchase something that is so excessively and unnecessary ugly that it).

It might be a better idea just to buy a Vertu luxury phone, even if their hardware is outdate at least they don’t look like a gold plated candy bar.


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