Party Like a Pop Star: Exchange L.A.

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posted on Dec. 16, 2016
by Rick Fo

L.A. is celebrity central, from film stars to bubblegum pops singers. This means that it’s also probably the only place in the world to live, eat, drink and party like a celebrity. Entertainment isn’t just to get your jollies on…it’s actually an entire industry in L.A.

Although most big, fast paced cities prefer to bulldoze and rebuild, Exchange Los Angeles is a little different. It’s housed in a stunning 1930s art deco building, with four stories for patrons to drink, dance and let’s be honest, get up to no good.


Appropriately named the original building that Exchange is currently housed in was the L.A. stock exchange. Ominously it started construction a few days before the 1929 market crash opening its doors in the midst of what was essentially an economic Armageddon. It went through various other trials and tribulations but remained in the building as late as ’86. From then until 2008 when renovations started on the building to convert it to a club it sat empty.

Here’s the interesting thing about Exchange (but not the only thing) is that it preserved much of the original structure and interior fixture of the building, due to the fact that its considered a historical landmark. This means that you will be able to party in a ninety foot by seventy foot room with a wraparound balcony and 40 foot chauffeured ceilings.

The Club

Of course you probably don’t care about fuddy duddy historical buildings and what-not, you want to woohoo yourself into oblivion on Vodka Red Bulls right? Well, then Exchange is the perfect place for that. First of all, location is key and since it’s a historical building it is of course located in historic downtown L.A., not so snarky about historic landmark buildings anymore are we? The massive size of the club also means that you have access to not one but six, yes six full service bars, VIP rooms, a 200 sq. ft. led screen…yes, 200 sq. ft. Beyond these amenities Exchange also offers two other lounges – the Sky Loft which has a 35 person capacity, for ultra-exclusivity, or the Rockefeller Room, which as the name indicates is an opulent and exclusive experience with a capacity of only 50. The club overall has a capacity of a whopping 1500 people. 


Of course I can rave about a club all I want (get it? Rave? Club?) but the truth is that the people that frequent the place are the best critics. And the reviews are amazing; they say the sound system in top notch, the space is plentiful and that the service staff is always eager to help. There are some gripes but they are of the usual L.A.-centric variety: the drinks are too expensive, the patrons are too douch-ey and the dress code is too strict. Well, boo-hoo, life isn’t a box of chocolates like Forest Gump said.

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